List of works by Friedrich Baumfelder

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List of works by Opus Number

Opus Composition Date Key Instrument(s) Notes
1 Four Canons 1855 May Pianoforte SLUB Dresden has a copy.
2 Two Serenades 1856 December Pianoforte Dedicated to Dr. Krause in Dresden.
3(a) Zwei Lieder 1865? Pianoforte and Tenor Voice Words by Heinrich Heine. If the cover says "Fr. Baumfelder" this may be by Fritz, not Friedrich Baumfelder. First work definitely by "Fritz" is his opus 1 a few years after this, so time is more consistent.
3(a)/1 Lautes Geheimnis ("Die blauen Frühlingsaugen") 1865? Pianoforte and Tenor Voice Dubious? See above
3(a)/2 Verlorne Liebe ("Wir wuchsen in demselben Thal") 1865? Pianoforte and Tenor Voice Dubious? See above
3(b) Chant du Berger 1856 February Pianoforte More likely to be by Friedrich Baumfelder given date of publication-Schissel
4 Une Fleur du Printemps 1856 April Pianoforte
5 Valse brillante 1856 November Pianoforte
6 Lied f. Sopran aus: Die Pilgerfahrt der Rose (Denn a Röslein) 1857 March Pianoforte and Soprano Voice lost
7 Freundlich ermahnende Mutter 1857 December Pianoforte
8 Nocturne 1856 January Pianoforte
9 3 Fleurs. Morceaux Faciles 1856 November Pianoforte
9/1 Le Myosotis 1856 November Pianoforte
9/2 La Jacynthe 1856 November Pianoforte
9/3 La Rose des Alpes 1856 November Pianoforte
10 Sehnsucht nach der Heimath 1858 February Pianoforte
11 La Prière d'un Enfant 1856 April Pianoforte
11/1 Au Matin 1856 April Pianoforte
11/2 Au Soir 1856 April Pianoforte
12 Au Bord du Ruisseau, morceau caracteristique 1858 February Pianoforte
13 Je pensais à toi. Pensée musicale 1857 September to October Pianoforte
14 Duftiges Veilehen. Klavierstück 1857 December Pianoforte
15 Polka brillante pour Piano 1858 February Pianoforte
16 Souvenir de Dresde. Mazurka 1858 February Pianoforte
17 Schillers Abendlied. Klavierstück 1857 December Pianoforte
18 Ma Prière pour toi. Nocturne 1858 February Pianoforte
19 Herzeleid. 4 caracterische Tonstücke for Pianoforte 1858 February Pianoforte
20 Deux Caprices 1858 June Pianoforte
20/1 I. 1858 June Pianoforte Dedicated to Miss Emily Wangh his pupil. Published by Adolphe Brauer.
20/2 II. 1858 June Pianoforte
22 Agathe. Mazourka de Salon 1859 February Pianoforte
23 La Prière d'une Vierge 1859 July Pianoforte
24 Marche 1859 July Pianoforte
25 Dein Bild. Klavierstück February 1859 Pianoforte
26 2me Valse Brillante 1859 November Pianoforte Dedicated to Miss Emily White.
27 Heimathsgruss. Klavierstück 1859 November Pianoforte
28 Ballade 1859 November Pianoforte
29 Gruss aus der Ferne 1860 July Pianoforte lost
30 Jugend-Album. 40 kleine Stücke am Pianoforte zu spielen 1860 September–October Pianoforte In 4 books
31 Jessie. Polonaise brillante pour Piano 1860 September–October Pianoforte lost
32 Der Frühling kommt! Klavierstück 1860 May Pianoforte lost
33 Süsser Traum. Klavierstück 1860 July Pianoforte lost
35 Romanze 1860 November Pianoforte lost
36 La Cascade. Morceau caractéristique. 1860 November Pianoforte lost
38 Henriette-Polka 1858 September to October Pianoforte lost
39 Marcia funebre 1860 August Pianoforte lost
40 Valse Styrienne, pour Piano 1861 January Pianoforte
41 Tyrolienne élégante, pour Piano 1861 January Pianoforte
42 Beim Schneiden. Melodie für Pianoforte 1861 January Pianoforte
43 Isabelle, polka élégante, pour Piano 1861 January Pianoforte
44 In stiller Nacht, Klavierstück. 1861 January Pianoforte
45 Galop brillant, pour Piano 1861 January Pianoforte
46 Marie, polonaise brillante, pour Piano 1861 January Pianoforte
47 2me Ballade pour Piano 1861 January Pianoforte
48 Trost. Consolation 1861 August Pianoforte lost; also known as Confidence, and Consolation. Andante de Concert
49 Rondo mignon 1865 February G major Pianoforte
50 Reisebilder. 5 leichte stücke 1861 August Pianoforte lost;
  • Abschied von der Heimath
  • Wandermarsch
  • Im Elbthal
  • Auf dem See
  • Lustige Schweizer
51 Feuille d'Album. Mélodie. 1861 August Pianoforte lost
52 Pensée 1861 August Pianoforte lost
53 2me Nocturne 1861 November A major Pianoforte
55 Clara Polka élégante pour Piano 1862 March Pianoforte
56 Stumme Liebe. 6 charakteristische Tonstücke 1860 September–October Pianoforte lost; made up of 6 pieces
60 Characteristic Sonata 1861 December D major Pianoforte lost; was perhaps one of the two sonatas performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee?
61 Confidence. Chanson sans paroles pour Piano 1861 December Pianoforte Dresden library has at least some of this work, possibly all. (ca.1855 Dresden). (Update: 10-18-20) The National Library of Poland has this work, seemingly in full and available in a digitized form online.
63 Morceau héroique, pour Piano 1866 March Pianoforte
64 La Rêve, nocturne pour Piano 1865 February Pianoforte
65 Marche militaire pour piano 1863 May Pianoforte
66 Une Larme, nocturne pour Piano 1863 October Pianoforte
67 Transcription brillante sur l'air anglais: God bless the Prince of Wales pour Piano 1864 July Pianoforte lost; Transcription on the English air God Bless the Prince of Wales
68 Un jour de Mai, morceau pour Piano 1866 March Pianoforte
69 Loin d'Elle, nocturne pour Piano 1863 March Pianoforte
70 Evelyn. Polka élégante 1864 February Pianoforte
71 Agnès, mélodie 1863 October Pianoforte
72 Croyez Moi! Mélodie 1865 February Pianoforte
73 La Fontaine, morceau caracteristique pour pianoforte 1863 March Pianoforte
74 Le Cloches du Soir, nocturne pour piano 1863 March Pianoforte
75 Le Jour saint, 10 morceaux religieux 1863 September Pianoforte Work made up of 10 pieces
77 Chanson d'Amour 1863 Pianoforte
79 Souvenir de Hertford. Polka élégante 1864 December Pianoforte lost
80 Berceuse pour le Piano 1864 January Pianoforte
81 Heiteres Bächlein. Klavierstück 1863 July Pianoforte
82 La Rose des Alpes. Mélodie. 1864 December Pianoforte
83 Frohe Botschaft. Mazurka 1864 February Pianoforte
84 L'Espérance. Mélodie 1864 July Pianoforte lost
90 Etude mélodique 1863 September Pianoforte lost
91 10 Poesien in 2 books 1864 November Pianoforte Book 1 (nos.1-5) is available @ ÖNB. Book 2 @ ÖNB also. Listing:
  • Was Grossmama erzhält
  • Scherzo
  • Militar-Marsch
  • Elegie
  • In heiterer Stunde
  • Finale
  • Gretchen am Spinnrade
  • Capriccio
  • Sage
  • Am Kamin
94 Valse-Impromptu pour Piano 1864 April Pianoforte Holding at British Library
95 Transcriptions élégantes 1863 Pianoforte Work made up of 5 pieces;
  • Rataplan de l'Opera: La Forza Destino, de G. Verdi
  • Miscrere d'Opera: Il Trovatore, de G. Verdi
  • Choeur des soldats de l'Opera: Faust, de Gounod
  • Preghiera de l'Opera: Moïse, de Rossini
  • Air de Desdemona de l'Opera: Othello, de Rossini
97 La Forza de Destino, Opéra de G. Verdi. Fantasie élégante 1863 May Pianoforte lost; Fantasie on the opera La Forza de Destino by Giuseppe Verdi
98 Fantaisie élégante sur l'Opera: Il Trovatore, de Verdi 1865 June Pianoforte Fantasie on the opera Il Trovatore by Giuseppe Verdi
100 10 Studien in 2 books 1863 September Pianoforte
101 Suite 1864 July Pianoforte Was perhaps one of the two suites performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee? Dedicated to Moscheles.
101/1 Canonische Fantasie 1864 July Pianoforte
101/2 Präludium 1864 July Pianoforte
101/3 Adagio 1864 July Pianoforte
101/4 Menuett 1864 July Pianoforte
101/5 Scherzo 1864 July Pianoforte
101/6 Finale 1864 July Pianoforte
102 Norma del Bellini 1863 December Pianoforte lost; Fantasie on the opera Norma by Bellini
103 Faust de Gounod. Fantaisie brill. 1864 April Pianoforte lost; Fantaisie on the opera Faust by Gounod
104 Les Huguenots, de Meyerbeer. Fantasie élégante pour Piano. 1870 August Pianoforte lost; Fantasy on Les Huguenots by Giacomo Meyerbeer
105 Brautlied 1865 April Pianoforte lost
106 Kurze Studien charakterisischen und mechanischen Inhalts zur Ausbildung des Vortrags u.d. Technik in 2 books 1865 November Pianoforte lost
107 La Traviata, de Verdi. Fantasie brillante pour Piano. 1868 Pianoforte lost; Fantasy on La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi
111 Mädchen am Bache. Idylle 1865 March Pianoforte lost
112 Vöglein in den Zweigen 1865 May Pianoforte lost
113 La petite Coquette 1865 May Pianoforte lost
114 Im Mondenschein. Nachtgesang 1864 Pianoforte
115 La Gazelle. Valse élégante 1864 Pianoforte
116 Le Petit Tambour. Marche facile et brillante 1864 Pianoforte
117 Emmy. Mazurka für Pianoforte 1868 Pianoforte Lost?
118 3eme Serenade April 1866 Pianoforte
119 Trinklied ohne Worte. Klavierstück. Pianoforte lost note:? Danish Union cat. seems to have this under translated title Drikkesang)-Schissel
120 Trio for Pianoforte, Violin, and Violincello 1864 D minor Piano Trio unpublished and lost; was performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee
122 Transcription über das bel Lied von Martha von Löben Du hörst wie durch die Tannen 1865 September–October Pianoforte lost; transcription of the lied Du hörst wie durch die Tannen by Martha von Löben (dates unknown)
123 Rigoletto, de Verdi. Fantasie de Salon pour Piano. Pianoforte lost; Fantasy on "Rigoletto" by Giuseppe Verdi
124 Jägers Abendlied. Klavierstück. Pianoforte lost
125 Vögleins Erwachen. Klavierstück. Pianoforte lost
126 Lucia, de Donizetti. Fantasie de Salon pour Piano á 4 mains. 1870 August Pianoforte or Pianoforte duet lost; Fantasy on "Lucia di Lammermoor" by Gaetano Donizetti
130 Souvenir de Dresde, valse gracieuse pour Piano. 1866 Pianoforte
131 Souvenir de Londres, mazurka élégante pour Piano. 1866 Pianoforte
140 Wanderers Sehnsucht. Nachtgesang 1865 November Pianoforte lost
141 In der Ferne (La jeune Captive) November 1865 Pianoforte lost
142 Chanson des Pêcheurs 1865 November Pianoforte Copy @ ÖNB (Musiksammlung MS47006-4° MUS MAG). Dedicated to his pupil Linda Steinhäuser. Published by Niemeyer, plate 1765.
143 Valse-Etude 1865 November Pianoforte lost
144 Silberglöckchen. Mélodie 1865 November Pianoforte lost
146 La Prieré d'une Mére. Nocturne 1865 November Pianoforte arranged for orchestra and military band, versions published in 1885
147 Styrienne élégante pour piano 1866 November D major Pianoforte
148 Liebliches Sternlein. Tonstück 1866 November Pianoforte lost
149 Charlotte. Polka trembelante 1866 November Pianoforte lost
150 Neueste Schule der Geläufigkeit. 10 etuden für mittlere Spieler. In 2 books 1865 November Pianoforte lost
151 Heimweh. Mélodie 1865 November Pianoforte lost
154(a) 3 petits Morceaux pour Piano 1866 November Pianoforte lost
154(a)/1 La Rosette blanche 1871 September Pianoforte lost
154(a)/2 Rondo facile 1871 September Pianoforte lost
154(a)/3 La Fille villageoise 1871 September Pianoforte lost
154(b) Weisses Röschen. Elegie 1866 November Pianoforte lost. typo in Hofmeisters for opus 155 (or something else?)
156 Herzennwunsch Romanze 1866 August Pianoforte lost
157 5 Kinderstück 1866 June Pianoforte lost
159 Remembrance 1866 August G major Pianoforte Also known as Erinnerung. Lied ohne Worte
160 Carneval de Venice. Morceau Brillante 1866 August Pianoforte lost
161 Bilder in Tönen. Sechs leichte Klavierstücke 1868 or earlier Pianoforte partly lost; work made up of 6 pieces
161/1 Auf dem Wasser 1884 Pianoforte lost
161/2 Totes Vöglein 1884 Pianoforte lost
161/3 Die lustigen Tyroler 1884 Pianoforte
161/4 Armer Bettler 1884 Pianoforte lost
161/5 1884? Pianoforte lost
161/6 Betendes Kind 1884 Pianoforte lost
162 Sous la Fenètre. Sérénade 1868 Pianoforte lost
163 Neue practische Pianoforteschule. New and practical Instruction Book for the Piano. Nouvelle méthode pour le Piano 1872 November Pianoforte Text in German, French, and English
164 Roméo et Julliete, de Gounod. Fantasie de Salon 1868 Pianoforte lost; based on the opera Romeo et Juliette by Charles Gounod
165 Valse brillante de l`opéra "Romeo et Juliette" de Ch. Gounod 1867 November Pianoforte Based on the opera Romeo et Juliette by Charles Gounod
166 Le Désir. Romance 1867 November Pianoforte lost
167 Romance italienne 1868 May Pianoforte lost
168 Le petit Savoyard. Morceau caractér 1868 May Pianoforte lost
169 Vögleins Traum. Klavierstück 1868 May Pianoforte
170 Variationen über ein Original Thema 1868 October A minor Pianoforte lost
171 Glöckchenspiel. Klavierstück 1868 October Pianoforte
172 Songe du Bonheur. Mélodie 1868 October Pianoforte lost
173 Les Hirondelles. Morceau brillante 1868 October Pianoforte lost
174 Musikal. Bilderbuch. 3 melodien. Klavierstücke. 1868 November Pianoforte lost
174/1 Im Walde 1868 November Pianoforte lost
174/2 Am Feierabend 1868 November Pianoforte lost
174/3 Hirtenglöckchen 1868 November Pianoforte lost
174 (a) ''Albumblätter : Drei Präludienartige Stücke für Piano 1869 March Pianoforte
176 Ruhe am Abend. Melodisches Klavierstück 1869 July Pianoforte copy @ ÖNB. Dedicated to Eva Waterlow his pupil.
177 Goldfischchen. Charakterstück für Pianoforte 1869 July Pianoforte One copy @ ÖNB (as op.117). Dedicated to Gertrude Lucas his pupil. See ÖNB.
178 Transcription für Pianoforte über: Ich Hab' im Traum geweinet von König 1869 August Pianoforte lost
179 Trost in Thränen. Melodischen Klavierstück 1870 June Pianoforte lost
180 Soldatengruss. Klavierstück 1870 June Pianoforte 179, 180 published by Merseburger of Leipzig. @ÖNB. Op.180 dedicated to his pupil Fräulein Isidore von Mellinger.
181 Die Forelle. Charakterstück für Pianoforte 1869 November Pianoforte One copy @ ÖNB . Dedicated to Christine Zbyewska his pupil.
182 Spielmannslied. Klavierstück 1869 November Pianoforte. To his pupil Emily Stone. One copy @ ÖNB
183 Schneeglöckchen. Klavierstück 1870 May Pianoforte lost
184 Spinnerlied für Pianoforte 1869 November Pianoforte lost
185 Fluchtige Wellen. Melodischen Etude für Pianoforte 1870 April Pianoforte copy @ ÖNB. Dedicated to Bernhard Rollfuss.
186 Traum vom Liebchen. Charakteristisches Tonstück für Pianoforte ca.1870 Pianoforte lost. Odd- Same as op.188? (diff. publisher perhaps?)
187 Nocturne napolitain pour Piano 1870 January Pianoforte lost
188 Traum vom Liebchen. Characteristisches Tonstück 1870 April Pianoforte HMB 1870 page 48. At ÖNB (which estimates publication date at 1869.) Dedicated to his pupil Miss Wylie.
189 Menuett 1870 June Pianoforte 188, 189 published by Häslinger. Dedicated to Miss Lizzie Switzler.
191 Aschenbrödel. Polka-mazurka. 1870 April Pianoforte HMB 1870 page 48. poss. lost.
192 Barcarole (no.1). 1870 April Pianoforte HMB 1870 page 48. poss. lost?
193 Hirtengesang. Idylle. November 1870, Häslinger Pianoforte HMB 1870 page 159. Dedicated to Theodor Herbert. Manuscript (undated autograph) and published score both at ÖNB.
194 Vergissmeinnicht. Romanze. November 1870, Häslinger Pianoforte HMB 1870 page 159 . Dedicated to Clara Haase.
194a Herzenskönigin. Polka brillante April 1881 Pianoforte lost
195 Tonblüthen - 12 Pieces 1871 December Pianoforte
195/1 „Sonst spielt’ ich mit Scepter“ after Lortzing 1871 December Pianoforte
195/2 Ständchen v. Schubert „Leise flehen“. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/3 Romanze aus Fra Diavolo „Seht ihr auf steilen Höh’n“. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/4 Thüringer Volkslied „Ach, wie ist’s möglich dann“. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/5 „Wenn du noch eine Mutter hast“ v. Neumann. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/6 „Ihres Auges himmlisch Strahlen“ aus d. Troubadour (Trovatore) v. Verdi. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/7 „O weine nicht“ v. Kücken. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/8 „Wie schön bist du“ v. Weidt. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/9 „Herzliebchen mein unter’m Rebendach“ v. Conradi. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/10 „Der Vogelfänger“ u. „In diesen heil’gen Hallen“ a. d. Zauberflöte v. Mozart. (Papageno.) 1871 December Pianoforte
195/11 „Einsam bin ich nicht alleine“ a. Preciosa v. Weber. 1871 December Pianoforte
195/12 „Ach so fromm“ von Martha v. Flotow. 1871 December Pianoforte
197 Gondellied 1871 July Pianoforte lost
199 Au coin du feu 1871 July Pianoforte lost
200 Drei Original-Mazurken für Pianoforte 1871 September Pianoforte lost
200/1 Von Chopin 1871 September Pianoforte lost
200/2 Moscheles 1871 September Pianoforte lost
200/3 Rubinstein 1871 September Pianoforte lost
201 Aus dem Kriegsleben (5 charakter. tonstücke) 1877 April Pianoforte
201/1 Kriegers Abschied 1877 April Pianoforte
201/2 Im Bivouac 1877 April Pianoforte
201/3 Dragoner kommen! 1877 April Pianoforte
201/4 An Kriegers Grab. 1877 April Pianoforte
201/5 Siegesbotschaft 1877 April Pianoforte
205 Moosröschen und Waldveilchen. 2 leichte u. melodische Klavierstücke. 1875 November Pianoforte No.1 also known as Rose sauvage.
206 Caprice hongrois 1872 May Pianoforte One copy @ ÖNB
207 Schlummerlied 1876 March-April F major Pianoforte
208 Small Piano Pieces for the Young 1871 Pianoforte partly lost; Work made up of 12 pieces or more? For partial list see Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1871), p.215.
209 Le Colibri. Chanson sans paroles. 1872 February Pianoforte
210 In der Ferne. Melodie. 1872 February Pianoforte
211 Aus alter Zeit 1872 August - September Pianoforte Several pieces possibly lost? (HMB lists: Op. 211. Aus alter Zeit. Menuett (No. 2, Es). This is the only mention it seems of op.211. It is also his 2nd independent Menuett - perhaps. So it might be a single Menuett- his 2nd; or a suite of pieces, the 2nd of which is a Menuett in E.)
212 Valse Etude No.2 1872 October Pianoforte
213 Auprès du Berceau 1875 April Pianoforte HMB 1875, page 89
214 Alpenlieder 1876 March-April Pianoforte
215 Album für Anfänger des Klavierspiels 1877 April Pianoforte description in HMB: 24 gefällige Tonstücke in stufenweiser Reihenfolge. in 3 volumes.
216 Humoristische Studien 1872 October Pianoforte
217 In froher Stunde. Sechs leichte und elegante Salontänze für Piano 1872? (or 1873 February) Pianoforte No.1, a polonaise, is at National Library of Poland, Biblioteka Narodowa in a 1920s(?) reprint. Otherwise perhaps lost. (Update: 10-18-20) Op.217 No.1 is actually the same work as Op.278, as confirmed from the digital scan of the copy at the National Library of Poland.
220 Knospen und Blüthen 1873 July Pianoforte
221 Abendständchen 1872 November Pianoforte Work made up of multiple pieces? At least one of the pieces possibly arranged for str. orchestra - manuscript version of arrangement @ RISM and survives (see below) (may just be piece of same name and unrelated) A copy as published by Litolff is @ ÖNB.
223 Barcarole No.2 1874 July, C.F.W. Siegel Pianoforte source: HMB 1874 p.139. poss.lost.
224 Alpenglöckchen. Melody 1874 July, Siegel Pianoforte source: HMB 1874 p.139. poss.lost.
225 Impromptu-Polka 1876 May F major Pianoforte
226 Fröhliches Wandern 1872 April Pianoforte possibly lost but. May be an arrangement of a song of the same name (perhaps Schubert's?) conjecturally. Also published/received by HMB in 1875. Note: "Op. 226. Fröhliches Wandern. Hrsg. v. Franz Abt und Clemens Schultze." (hrsg. here means that the volume "Die Musikalische Welt, in which it appears, is curated by Abt & Schultze.) is @ ÖNB. so perhaps this is the work in question.
228 Getäuschtes Hoffen. Romanze. 1873 August Pianoforte according to HMB, appears in Die Musikalische Welt, in a copy @ ÖNB, as Op.226 does.
230 1874 February Pianoforte Poss. partially lost. This may be one piece, not a group of pieces. Listed in Hofmeister as "Rondo mignon (no.2)". (Question of interpretation until and unless work itself is found? However, since Op.49 is also a Rondo mignon, it seems that "no.2" most likely just means here "2nd Rondo mignon"...)
230/2 Rondo mignon (no.2?) 1874 February F major Pianoforte Copy @ ÖNB. Dedicated to Marie Wunnerlich.
231 Zur Guitarre. Intermezzo für Pianoforte. 1874 February Pianoforte. Dedicated to Gustav Fischer (according to ÖNB entry.)
232 Romance italienne 1874 January Pianoforte First appeared (if not earlier, and if not a transcription of a solo song) in Die musikalische welt v.3, 1/1874.
233 Babillard 1874 June Pianoforte
234 Le petit Soldat 1874 June Pianoforte
240 Accord-Etuden f. Pfte in stufenweiser Reihenfolge. (neue Ausgabe) 1876 December Pianoforte HMB 1876 page 313
241 22 Etuden f. Pfte z. Erwerbung eines klaren runden Trillers. (in 3 Volumes) 1878 February Pianoforte Dedicated to Salomon Jadassohn.
242 Abendmärchen. Sechs Charakterstücke für Piano 1877 April Pianoforte
242/1 Abendmärchen. I 1877 April Pianoforte
242/2 Abendmärchen. II 1877 April Pianoforte
242/3 Abendmärchen. III 1877 April Pianoforte
242/4 Abendmärchen. IV 1877 April Pianoforte
242/5 Abendmärchen. V 1877 April Pianoforte
242/6 Abendmärchen. VI 1877 April Pianoforte
243 5 Präludien f. Pfte. 1877 October Pianoforte Schott, 1877. A major, G major, F major, G major, A major according to HMB?
245 Waltzes 1877 November Pianoforte four-hands in HMB
247 Wenn die Sonne scheidet. 1879 March Pianoforte 1879 HMB p.78
248 Am Brunnen. Charakterstück für Pfte. 1878 February Pianoforte HMB 1878 p53
249 Neuer Frühling. Capriccio. 1878 April Pianoforte
250 Gesang aus dem Wasser. Klavierstück. 1881 September Pianoforte
252 Zwei Frühlings-Idylle für das Pianoforte 1881-1882? Pianoforte
252/1 Im Blumengarten. Idylle. 1879 June Pianoforte
252/2 Minnelied. Idylle 1882 February Pianoforte
253 Valse de Concert 1878 August E major Pianoforte HMB 1878, p.231
255 Des Jägersmann 1878 August Pianoforte, Tenor or Soprano first line Was soll mir denu der Maientag
260 15 Etuden zur Ausbildung des Geschmacks f. Pfte. 1880 September Pianoforte HMB 1880 page 249
261 Mélodie russe 1879 March Pianoforte HMB 1879 page 72
262 Poème d'amour 1879 March Pianoforte HMB 1879 page 72
263 Styrienne pour piano 1873 Pianoforte lost?
264 Le Chamois. Valse 1879 March Pianoforte HMB 1879 p.72/@British Library
265 Le Chant des Sirènes 1879 March Pianoforte HMB 1879 p.72
266 La Petite Gracieuse, morceau de salon pour Piano 1879 March Pianoforte HMB 1879 page 72.
268 10 Kinderlieder von Carl Gärtner: mit Begl. der Pianoforte (ohne Octavenspannungen) 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte HMB 1880 p. 307. Published by Bartholf Senff.
268/1 Vom Röslein 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Wisst ihr’s Kinder“
268/2 Die Violine 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Wer hat die Violin’ erdacht?“
268/3 „Du guter, alter lieber Herbst“ 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte
268/4 Ein Engel 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Ich war so jung, so schwach und klein“
268/5 Wie es dem unfolgsamen Knaben erging 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Der Knabe lief in den Wald hinein“
268/6 Des Kindes Abendgebet 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Nun hat der Tag ein Ende“
268/7 Der Herbst mit dem grossen Kober 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Ist gekommen der Oktober“
268/8 Bächlein u. Knäblein 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Bächlein, wohin so munter?“
268/9 Das Kind u. die Blumen 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Nun schlaft, ihr lieben Blumen“
268/10 Des frommen Kindes Weihnachtssprüchlein 1880 October Voice, Pianoforte „Und ist das Stübchen noch so klein“
269 Frisches Grün 1880 April Pianoforte?
270 Kinderscenen für Pianoforte 1879 October Pianoforte
270/1 Sandman Knocks 1879 Pianoforte
270/2 The Stork Has Come 1879 Pianoforte
270/3 Old Ruin 1879 Pianoforte
270/4 Vintage 1879 Pianoforte
270/5 Young Officer 1879 Pianoforte
270/6 The Music Box 1879 Pianoforte
270/7 Setting Sun 1879 Pianoforte
270/8 Grandma's Tale 1879 Pianoforte
271 In den Augen liegt das Herz. Melodie. 1879 October Pianoforte HMB 1879, p.302 . Probably? an arrangement of a well-known melody by Abt? Copy of the Baumfelder is @ ÖNB.
272 Die Kobolde. Charakterstücke für Pianoforte. 1879 Pianoforte HMB 1882, p.41. Copy @ ÖNB. Actually published 1879 - see Die musikalische Welt. Bd. 8, 1879, November, pages 208-213. (Published separately 1882? Litolff 4624.)
273 Frühlingszeit von Reinhold Becker 1880 July Pianoforte Transcription of Frühlingszeit by Reinhold Becker (1842-1924)
274 Bon Humeur. Rondo 1880 January C major Pianoforte HMB 1880 page 31
275 Serenade Espagnole 1879 December Pianoforte HMB 1879, p.375 . To Catherine Möwes.
276 Blumenspende. Sechs leiche Charakterstücke. 1880 March Pianoforte HMB 1880, p. 85. not in Worldcat.
276/1 Maiblümchen Pianoforte
276/2 Rose Pianoforte
276/3 Nelke Pianoforte
276/4 Gänseblümchen Pianoforte
276/5 Veilchen Pianoforte
276/6 Glockenblume Pianoforte
277 Sous le Tilleul. Idylle. 1880 August Pianoforte
278 Coral Polonaise 1880 August C major Pianoforte HMB has as Chant Polonais. Op.278 is actually the same work as Op.217 No.1, as confirmed from the digital scan of the copy at the National Library of Poland.
279 Pensée d'Amour. Mélodie. 1880 August Pianoforte
280 Ma Patrie chérie. Mélodie. 1880 August Pianoforte
281 Scène militaire. Rondo brillant et facile. 1880 August Pianoforte Available at British Library.
282 Vineta. Romance for Piano. 1880 August Pianoforte
283 Im Wald, im Wald ist’s frisch und grün 1880 February Pianoforte Transcription of song by Ludwig Hartmann
285 Miniatures. 4 Morceaux de Salon pour Piano 1880 individually. 1882 February as a group Pianoforte lost; Work made up of 4 pieces or more?
285/1 Sous la fenêtre 1880 December Pianoforte lost
285/2 Ballade 1880 June F minor Pianoforte lost
285/3 Le premier Papillion 1880 September Pianoforte lost
285/4 Valse allemande 1880 November Pianoforte lost
288 Frühlings-Idylle 1880 December Pianoforte HMB 1880 p 368. At British Library
289 Bauernhochzeit 1880 December Pianoforte HMB 1880 p 368. At British Library
290 Waldbilder 1881 February Pianoforte HMB 1881 p.27.
290/1 Waldvöglein Pianoforte
290/2 Ein Liebespärchen Pianoforte
290/3 Grasende Rehe Pianoforte
290/4 Fröhliche Jagd Pianoforte
290/5 Beim Erdbeerpflücken Pianoforte
290/6 Am Waldbach Pianoforte
292 Gavotte allemande 1881 January Pianoforte lost
294 Herzenskönigin. Polka brillant f. Pfte. 1881 April Pianoforte
295 La Réconciliation, idylle 1881 June Pianoforte?
300 Tirocinium Musicae. Höher Klavierstudien 1881 Pianoforte Copy at Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg
301 Willst Du? 1881-82 Pianoforte
302 Trauer-Gesang 1882 September Pianoforte HMB 1882 page 271. (among piano works.) lost
303 Tyrolienne élégante 1881 October Pianoforte
304 Wiegenliedchen 1882 March Pianoforte HMB 1882 p.77. lost
305 Wenn Papa was hören will. Rondo January 1882 Pianoforte? lost
308 In der Mühle. Charakterstück December 1881 Pianoforte
309 Abandonné. (Verlassen.) Mélodie pour Piano 1882 Pianoforte
310 Tongemälde. Sechs leichte u. brillante Klavierstücke ohne Oktavenspannungen. 1882 Pianoforte HMB 1882 page 263.
310/1 Die Post kommt 1882 Pianoforte
310/2 Heimweh 1882 Pianoforte
310/3 Der Spielmann 1880 Pianoforte
310/4 Schmeichelkätzchen 1880 Pianoforte
310/5 Sonntagsruhe 1880 Pianoforte
310/6 Prinz Carneval 1880 Pianoforte
313 Marche bohémienne pour Piano 1882 Pianoforte
314 Mädchenlieder 1882 With voice? lost; Since Op.314 No.1 is titled "Mädchenlieder. I," this work

probably had more pieces part of it.

314/1 Mädchenlieder. I 1882 July With voice? lost
315 Am Feierabend. Charakterstück 1882 Pianoforte
316 Chanson d'autrefois pour Piano 1882 Pianoforte
317 Premier Boléro pour piano 1883 D major Pianoforte
319 Carmen. Valse de concert 1883 Pianoforte HMB 1883 page 188
321 La Rose de la Prairie. (Heideröslein.) Pièce caractéristique. 1883 Pianoforte HMB 1883 page 188
323 Nocturne espagnole 1884 January Pianoforte lost
324 Frische Knospen. Sechs Leichte n. gefällige Tonstücke für Pianoforte zu 4 Händen 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
324/1 Süsser Traum 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
324/2 Zu Papas Geburtstag. Marsch 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
324/3 Armer Savoyard 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
324/4 Unter der Linde. Polka 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
324/5 Beim Abendläuten 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
324/6 Unterm Weihnachtsbaum. Walzer 1884 April Pianoforte four-hands
325 Romance Espagnole pour piano 1884 August Pianoforte Sounds like it may be related to Op.323?
326 Doux Souvenir pour piano 1884 Pianoforte
327 Frisches Grün 1886 May Pianoforte
329 Petite Valse 1884 E major Pianoforte lost
330 Liebesliedchen 1884 Pianoforte
332 Tarantelle 1885 September G major Pianoforte lost
333 Hans und Grete. 2 Leichte Rondos 1887 Pianoforte lost; work made up of two pieces
334 Nachtigallsingt. Charakterstück 1887 Pianoforte lost
335 l’Amitié. Romance. 1886 June Pianoforte In the magazine Die Musikalische Welt. Monatshefte ausgewählter Compositionen unserer Zeit. edited by Schulze etc., 1886. (several Baumfelder works not otherwise available appeared in issues of this magazine.)
336 Les Sylphides. Caprice pour piano. 1886 June Pianoforte
349 Zwei Klavierstücke 1889 January by Näumann of Dresden Pianoforte
349/1 Madrigal 1889 January Pianoforte
349/2 Traumbild 1889 January Pianoforte
350 Petite friponne. Mazurka élégante. 1883 Pianoforte HMB 1883 page 188
354 Petite valse pour piano 1891 by C.F. Kahnt G major Pianoforte HMB 1891 page 82
355 Immergrün. Charakterstück f. Pfte 1890 November by C.F. Kahnt Pianoforte HMB 1890 page 480
363 Pastorale 1892 March by Näumann of Dresden Pianoforte
367 Rococo Pianoforte
372 Rondino Facile 1899 May G major Pianoforte op.372, 373 - published at the time by Schott in Mainz. Copy of op.372 at L. Coburg.
373 Petite Berceuse 1899 May Pianoforte lost
374 Frühling und Winter. Pianoforte and Choir lost; Unknown Choir arrangement. Perhaps SATB?
375 Maiglöcken läutet 1901 August Pianoforte
377 Lustige Fanfaren, Marsch 1901 August Pianoforte
383 Edelweiss. Canzonette f. Pfte. 1903 June Pianoforte p.273 1903 HMB. Leipzig: Arthur P. Schmidt
384 Jolly Story for pianoforte 1905 Pianoforte
386 Bagatelle pour piano 1905 Pianoforte
391 1913 Pianoforte duet Work made up of 2 pieces
391/1 Plauderei 1913 September 29 Pianoforte duet
391/2 In der herberge 1913 September 18 Pianoforte duet
393 Sehnsucht 1910 Pianoforte p.39 1911 HMB
394 Polka Mignon 1914 Pianoforte
395 Im der Garten. Serenade für Pianoforte October 29, 1913 Pianoforte
398 Petit Valse 1910 Pianoforte p.39 1911 HMB
399 The Spinning Girl 1913 Pianoforte
400 Immortelle 1910 C major Pianoforte
403 Idyl 1910 G major Pianoforte
404 Meditation. Nocturne 1913 Pianoforte
405 Chant du berger 1911 G major Pianoforte
408 Lorelei 1914 Pianoforte Based on the poem "Die Lorelie" by Heinrich Heine. Published in a collection by Hinds, Noble & Eldredge.

Sortable list of works without Opus number

Even though these works are thought to be without opus number, a lot of the works below may have originally been assigned to an opus number.

Composition Date Key Instrument(s) Notes
Der liebesring. Opera 1861 January 26 lost; First performed in Dresden. Libretto written by Hermann Schmid
Symphony in German Style 1850 Orchestra
Symphony May 1, 18xx [1849?] C minor Orchestra survives in manuscript in a library in Dresden
Symphony 1873 G minor Orchestra last known perfomance on February 27, 1874
Symphony 1854 E minor Orchestra last known performance on November 22, 1854
2 Sonatas for Piano and Violin 1879 April or earlier Piano and Violin lost; was performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee
Der Geiger zu Gmünd Choir and Orchestra lost
Troise 1866
Praise the Lord September 1887 Mixed Chorus A motet
Barmherzig und gnädig ist der Herr September 1887 Mixed Chorus A motet
Gesangstück Before April 1879 Pianoforte and Voice? lost; was performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee
Dance on the green. Tänzchen im grilnen. June 8, 1899 Pianoforte lost
Tyrolienne 1910 B major Pianoforte
Melody (Lullaby) F major Pianoforte Maybe from Op.40 or Op.268 (if so, an arrangement, since Op.268 are voice, piano lieder)?
Poe 1879
Hungarian Intermezzo (Flying Leaves) January 25, 1911 Pianoforte
Edelweiss. Pure as Snow. Cansonette. 1903 Pianoforte
5 Praeludien für das Pianoforte 1877 Pianoforte
Ma Prie 1865
Calla Waltz pour Piano ca. 1879 Pianoforte
Motette. Warum betrbst du dich, mein Herz. Für gemischten Chor. 1886 Mixed Choir?
Deuxieme ... ? 1862
Album für Anfänger des Klavierspiels. 24 gefällige Tonstücke 1877 Pianoforte
Abendständchen (for strings) By 1878 String Orchestra Manuscript (an 1878 copy by Clemens Adam Weyrich, not an autograph) catalogued at RISM 454500972, a description of holdings in Katholische Pfarrei, Mühlbach (Karlstadt), Germany. Maybe an arrangement of an otherwise lost piano work or Op. 221 (which is not lost).
Suite 1879 April or earlier Pianoforte lost; was performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee
Sonata 1879 April or earlier Pianoforte lost; was performed at the Fünfundzwenzigjähriger jubilee
15 Etuden zur Ausbildung des Geschmacks für Piano 1880 Pianoforte
Babillard, humoresque pour Piano 1874 Pianoforte Possibly Op.233 merely republished by Schirmer without opus number - not uncommon.
Rose sauvage 1873 Pianoforte Possible Op.205 No.1 and republished without opus number.
Das Schloss im See 1882 September Mixed Chorus and Baritone Appears in 1882 HMB, page 277. Published by Siegel. Ballade for mixed chorus and baritone. First line/incipit Leis’ auf den Bergwald sinkt die Nacht. (Text by Wolfgang Müller von Königswinter.)
Darwiniana: antediluvianisches Drama in 2 Acten und einem Nachspiel : aufgeführt zur Kirmes der Dresdner Liedertafel im November 1878 1878 or earlier Unknown Drama in 2 acts and an intermezzo. The libretto is in the collection of SLUB Dresden; it is unknown whether the music survives?

There also many symphonies, overtures, and piano concertos composed by Friedrich August Wilhelm Baumfelder that have been lost over time, as well as many other works.