List of works by Gaston Borch

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Works with Opus number


  • Op.12. Bouton de Rose valse pno
  • Op.22. Lyrische Stückchen f. Pfte. in 2 books. (Enttäuschte Hoffnung. Erotik. Mazurk.; Aveux. Minuetto. Marche.) Leipzig, W. Hansen. 1895.
  • Op.22. Suite norvégienne. Scènes rustiques p. Piano. London, Augener & Co. 1899.
  • Op.29. Mater Dei. [Motet.] [Boston, etc] : O. Ditson Co 1902
  • Op.29. 2 Pieces for piano. Haakon Zapffe. 1896.
  • Op.30. Gnom-Dans pno Kristiana Hals
  • Op.33. Romance V p Kristiana Hals
  • Op.35. Andante (D) p. Vcelle av. Piano. Leipzig, W. Hansen. 1895.
  • Op.37. To the Last ... [Song.]. No. 1.Boston : O. Ditson Co 1906
  • Op.37. 2e Valse-caprice for piano. Haakon-Zapffe. 1896
  • Op.41. Sørgemarsch over Joh. E. Hennum. Haakon Zapffe, 1896.
  • Op.43. Zwei Gesänge f. 1 Singst. m. Pfte. à Mk 0,50. Leipzig, W. Hansen. No. 1. Mutter Erde: „Was auch aus ihren Kindern werde“. – 2. In der Vollmondnacht: „Lockend durch die Vollmondnacht“. 1895.
  • Op.45. No. 1. Frau Nachtigall: „Frau Nachtigall, sag’ an, wem gilt der süsse Schall“ f. 1 Singst. m. Pfte. Leipzig, W. Hansen. 1896.
  • Op.46. Det var en stille Aftenstund Kristiana Hals 1896.
  • Op.48. 3me Valse Caprice pour piano. London : Augener & Co 1897
  • Op.49. Petites Pièces caractéristiques pour piano. London : Augener & Co 1897-9
  • Op.50. Berceuse (G) p. V. av. Piano. Mk 3. London, Augener & Co. 1897.
  • Op.53. 3 Lieder Warmuth
  • Op.55. Adagio religioso p. Vcelle et Org. London, Augener & Co. 1899
  • Op.56. Deux Morceaux p. Piano. No. 1. Élégie. No. 2. Érotique. London, Augener & Co. 1899.
  • Op.57. Romance (G) p. V. av. Orchestre. London, Augener & Co. 1900 (publication of a violin and piano arrangement by the composer.)
  • Op.58. Petites Pièces caractéristiques p. Piano. Cah. 2. (Tristesse. Mazurk „Gangar“. Danse norvégienne.) London, Augener & Co.1900.
  • Op.60. Suite
  • Op.62. 3 Morceaux p. Piano. No. 1. Nocturne. . No. 2. Etude. No. 3. Scherzo. . London, Augener & Co. 1900.
  • Op.67 Deux Romances sans Paroles pour Piano. 1 in D flat major. 2 in A major. London : Augener and Co [1901]
  • Op.69 Praise the Lord. [Song.]. Boston : O. Ditson Co 1903
  • Op.72. Easter-tide : a cantata for Easter-tide for soli, chorus, organ and orchestra. Diston, 1903.
  • Op.74. 5 Songs Boston: Ditson, 1903
  1. I'm a bird that's free (H. Taylor)
  2. Break, Break (Alfred Tennyson)
  3. Morning Song (Tennyson)
  4. If we must part (de Musset)
  5. April (C. Scollard)
  • Op.75 4-Part Songs for women's voices and piano. Boston: Ditson, 1903.
  1. A Summer Day
  2. Roses
  • Op.76. Part songs? Ditson, 1903.
  1. Soldier's Song. Part Song for men's voices. [Words by] J. G. Nicolay.
  1. Day Break. [Words by] Thomas Heywood .
  2. Sing, Maiden, sing. Words and music by the composer.
  • Op.79. ?
  • Op.80. Songs. O. Ditson 1905.
  1. Thou gavest me a Rose. Words by H. H. Brownell.
  2. I saw thee.
  • Opp.81-89 - ?
  • Op.90. Songs? Boston: O. Ditson Co.
  1. ?
  2. Lullaby [Song.] ©1905.
  • Op.94. No. 2,Yesterday. [Song, words by] C. Becker. No. 3,What shall I say? [Song, words by] M. Maeterlinck.. No. 4 I care not. [Song, words by] C. Becker. No. 5 Spring Song. [Song, words by] C. Becker.., etc. /Boston : O. Ditson Co 1907
  • Op.99. Compositions pour piano 1. Romance 2. Allegro 3. Danse baroque Kristiana Warmuth
  • Op.100. No. 1.Dame Sunshine. - Frau Sonne. - [Song, words by] E. Apitz, No. 2,Slumber Song. - Schlaf, kleines Bübchen mein. - Boston : O. Ditson Co 1908


  • Op. 101 Élégie .... Orchestral Parts. /.. Violin and Piano. *London Augener 1907
  • Op. 110. No. 3 Take, oh take those Lips away. Song, words by Shakespeare.. London : Augener 1907
  • Op. 115. Trois Morceaux élégants pour Pianoforte. No. 1. Allegretto. No. 2. Duetto. No. 3. Scherzetto. Boston,  : B. F. Wood Music Co 1908
  • Op.117.From Norway : Joyous refrain : two recital pieces for piano
  • Op. 141. No. 1The Brook. Three-Part Song for women's voices and Piano ...*.
  • Op. 173. No. 1 Bring us where no Clouds conceal. Anthem ... with ... Organ accompaniment. No. 2 Let His Tears o'erflow my Eyes. [Anthem.] No. 3. Hark! what mean those holy Voices. Hymn Anthem. No. 4 Rejoice. An anthem for chorus of mixed voices with alto and tenor solos and organ accompaniment. New York, etc : G. Schirmer [1915]
  • Op.174. 3 Anthems for chorus. Boston: Boston Music Co.
  1. Father, I stretch my Hands to Thee. Anthem for Chorus a cappella. ©1914.
  2. My Hand in Thine. Anthem for Chorus ... a cap[p]ella or with Orchestra accompaniment ©1915.
  3. Salvation comes To-day. Christmas Anthem ... [Words by] E. H. Sears. ©1914.
  • Op. 175. Anthems. Boston Music Co.
  1. Return, O Wanderer. Anthem for a Bass Voice, with Organ accompaniment. [Words by] (W. B. Collyer.). Boston, Mass : Boston Music Co (1915)
  • Op.176. Hymn-Anthems.
  1. All that Breathe, Your Lord Adore. A hymn-anthem for chorus of mixed voices with a soprano solo and organ accompaniment. /*New York,  : G. Schirmer
  • Op. 177.Joy to the World! A Christmas anthem for mixed chorus with a soprano solo and piano accompaniment. [Words by] <Isaac Watts.> *New York, etc : G. Schirmer [1915]
  • Op. 178. No. 1 Saviour, almighty Friend. Anthem for mixed voices a cappella. No. 2 Let His Tears o'erflow my Eyes. [Anthem.].. No. 3. In Thy Name, O Lord. Anthem ... with Organ accompaniment. [Words by T. Kelly.] New York, London : G. Schirmer 1915
  • Op.182, no.1 Oiselets no.2. Souvenir no.3. Valsette piano Boston : Boston Music Co. c1916
  • Op. 187. Four Little Lyric Pieces for the piano. Boston : Boston Music Co 1916

No Op. num.

  • Drøm og Alvedans af „Østen for Sol og Vesten for Maane“ f. Pfte. Leipzig, W. Hansen. 1895.
  • When? Poem adapted from A. Tennyson. /Boston : O. Ditson Co 1903
  • Chant de la Bergère and Sarabande. piano/ [Organ.] 1902
  • The Secret. Poem adapted from Tennyson.Boston : O. Ditson Co 1903
  • Gone! Poem adapted from A. Tennyson. Boston : O. Ditson Co 1903
  • Mountain Music Suite (Berg, 1917)
  • O Day of Rest and Gladness (Schirmer, 1917)
  • Magnificat in E, published in 1920
  • Graceful Blondinette and "Sunshine and Roses" (intermezzi) for piano, ©1921 by Belwin
  • Rendez Vous, intermezzo for orchestra with piano, ©1921 by Victor Music Co. (Chicago)
  • Dramatic Andante for salon orchestra, ©1916 by Carl Fischer. (another work perhaps of the same title ©1919? The 1916 one is "Dramatic Andante No.24 (For Suppressed Emotions)".)
  • Poème symphonique (Belwin, 1918) in D for theatre orchestra
  • Dante's Inferno (Belwin, 1925) (silent film accompaniment)
  • Andante pathétique for theatre orchestra
  • Dramatic Tension (©1917) no.44 "Moderato Descriptive" for theatre orchestra
  • Dramatic Tension (©1917) no.64 "In Russian Atmosphere" for theatre orchestra
  • Gruesome Misterioso (©1916) No.31 (For Infernal or Witch Scenes)
  • Agitato appassionato (©1917) No.55 (Depicting Passionate Agitation)
  • Andante doloroso (©1917) No.51 (Depicting Grief or Anguish)
  • Misterioso Dramatico (©1916) No.22: (For Sudden or Impending Danger)
  • Misterioso Dramatico (©1917) No.61 (Depicting Mystery and Agitation)