List of works by Georges Alary

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Opus Number

  • Op.5. String Quartet No.1 in E minor (published 1880)
  • Op.9. Concertstück, violin and piano. Hamellle
  • Op.12. Piano quartet in E♭ major
  • Op.14. String Quartet No.2 in F (published 1882)
  • Op.16. String Quartet No.5
  • Op.17. Thème varié avec intermède for String Sextet
  • Op.25/20. String Quartet No.3 in G minor, (1886)
  • Op.35. String Sextet in F, Hamelle
  • Op.37. A cappella choruses. Durdilly, 1899 (digitized by Gallica)
  • Op.39. Sérénade (Durdilly, 1897)
  • Op.41. Chanson groënlandaise, paroles de Jules Verne (Durdilly, 1905)
  • Op.43. Quintette-fantaisie, (pub.1897) (string quintet)
  • Op.44. Le Kosak (Cossack) poésie de Pouchkine (Pushkin, translated by Bouviller). F. Durdilly, 1897
  • Op.45. Piano Quintet in D ca.1897, Durdilly
  • Op.47. Berceuse philosophique (Durdilly, 1898)
  • Op.57. Morceau de concours trumpet piano Leduc
  • Op.60. String Quartet (No.4),in G minor, (, Durdilly)
  • Op.63. O lumineux matin (Durdilly, ca.1910)
  • Op.71. Piano quintet no.2 (dedicated to the memory of Brahms) (Durdilly and Hayet, cop.1910)

Without Opus Number

  • String Quartet No.6 in E♭ major (1917), Paris: C. Hayet.
  • La beauté du Diable, opera
  • Chevauchée, piano solo (published by Hayet, 1928)
  • Crépuscule for soprano and orchestra (Durdilly, 1898)
  • Aube marine ! Poésie de Paul Musurus (Durdilly, 1901)
  • Les Oiseaux poètes, mélodie avec accompt de quatuor à cordes (Hayet, 1913)
  • Chanson d'Amélie, poésie de Schiller. (Durdilly, 1897)
  • Madeleine en Vacances, poësie de E. Ninard. (Durdilly, 1897)
  • Aubade printanière (voice & piano. Hayet, 1913.)
  • Regrets (song, words by Arsène Vernemouze [sic]. Hayet, 1913. "sic" is BNF's, not mine.
  • Variations deconcertantes pour quatuor sur un thème connu (Durdilly, reduction published ca.1897)