List of works by Léon Kreutzer

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Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1 - ?
  • Op.2 - Deux Sonates (Paris: Richault) [reviewed, along with the 10 Valses et 2 écossaises, Six Études de Premiere force, Sonate dans le style ancien, and Grand Piano Trio, by Georges Kastner in the Revue et gazette musicale, 24 August 1845, pp 274-276.
  • Op.3 - 10 Valses et 2 écossaises
  • Op.4 - 6 Études de première force (Paris: Richault)
  • Op.5 - Grand Piano Trio (Paris: Richault, 1845)
  • Op.6 - Cours d'harmonie très abrégé et spécialement appliqué à l'étude de la modulation, (Paris: S. Richault, 1844)
  • Op.7 - ?
  • Op.8 - ?
  • Op.9 - ?
  • Op.10 - Romance (Paris: Richault, s.d./Leipzig: Hofmeister, 1854) – in G minor (mentioned in Fétis )
  • Op.11 - Menuet for piano (Paris: Richault/Leipzig: Hofmeister, 1854)
  • Op.12 - Sonate dans le style ancien (Paris: Richault)
  • Op.13 - ?
  • Op.14 - ?
  • Op.15 - 4 String Quartets (Nos.1-4) (Paris: Richault/Leipzig: Hofmeister, 1854/5) (nos. 3 & 4 Richault plate 12500, 1855?)
    • BNF data has this description of No.4 in G, dedicated to Berlioz, showing an arrangement for string orchestra. (A similar search : Op.15 #1 is in D and dedicated to Charles Dancla (pub.1854); Op.15 #2 is in D also and dedicated to Achille Gouflé (also 1854); OP.15 #3 (1855) is in A minor and dedicated to Léon d'Ortigue.)
    • Re quartets 3 and 4, published (by Chaillot?) in 1855 - Publication noted in the Bibliographie de la France 1e série, 44e année (58e de la collection), Nº 31, 4 Août 1855, p.559, r. 643.

Works without Opus Number

  • Adagio in A-flat major for string quartet (self-published, 1867) [also arranged in a piano reduction]
  • Adèle for piano
  • La gymnastique du piano (Paris: E. Gérard et Cie., 1860)
  • Piano Concerto (self-published, 1863)
  • Quatuor de Flûtes (Paris, 1864). A midi of the first movement Amoroso can be heard on YouTube.
  • Madrigal et Scherzetto pour quatre flûtes. (in manuscript, possibly in Saintes, France; dedicated to Henri Burgaud des Marets)
  • Romance sans paroles for piano (Paris: Latte)
  • Saxophone Quartet (Paris: Adolphe Sax, 1863)
  • Scènes pastorales et chants de guerre bretons (self-published)
  • Sextuor (self-published) [Seems to be a re-orchestration of the composer's Grand Piano Trio, Op. 5]
  • String Quartet No.2 (self-published, 1864)
  • String Quartet No.6 (self-published, 1867)
  • String Quartet No.8 (self-published, 1867)
  • String Quartet in G minor (self-published, ca.1867)
  • Six etudes de style (piano, unpublished) [perhaps the same work as his Op.4?]
  • Marche funèbre for orchestra (in manuscript at BNF. See WorldCat.)
  • Ouverture enfantine for orchestra
  • Receuil de canons...rayés for orchestra
  • La mer, scène lyrique (for orchestra. Reduction for chamber ensemble in manuscript @ BNF. See WorldCat. Full orchestra performance parts catalogued here.)
  • Le chevalier enchanté, scène lyrique (words by Count Amédée de Pastoret. Full ms score @ BNF: WorldCat.)
  • Mass in C (score @ BNF)
  • Benedictus (for SATB soloists and choir, and orchestra). Manuscript recently discovered at the BNF and ascribed to the composer. Not part of the Mass in C. More information.
  • Eir-inn, 'chant de guerre breton'; for choir and orchestra
  • Erina", 'Scene' for solo, choir and orchestra (same piece as Eir-inn above?)
  • Le sultan Mamalucco, melodrama (score @ BNF)
  • Le Nouveau Monde, drame choral, for solo voice and men's chorus, unaccompanied (score @ BNF)
  • Christophe Colomb (manuscript held at Conservatoire de Nancy)
  • Le Sylphe [manuscript @ Conservatoire de Nancy]
  • La Chasse du Burgrave [as above]
  • La prisonnière [thought to be @Conservatoire de Nancy, but library records refute this; this is one of his orchestrated mélodies.]
  • Dictionnaire du Contre-point

Works mentioned in Fétis as having been published (by 1863)

These works may or may not have been published with an assigned opus as Fétis does not specify.

  • Piano Sonata in B-flat major (Paris: Richault, ca. 1845) [Op.2/1]
  • Piano Sonata in F minor, Op.2 No.2 (Paris: Richault, ca. 1845) [Op.2/2]
    • Kreutzer's Scherzo pour piano was originally intended to be added to the Sonate in F minor.
  • 6 Études for piano (Paris: Richault) [likely the Six études de premiere force, Op. 4]
  • 2 Quadrilles for piano (Paris: Richault) [entitled Maître Flon!]
  • Prélude for piano (Paris: Heugel)
  • 26 Mélodies with piano accompaniment, first suite (Paris: Richault)
  • 20 Mélodies with piano accompaniment, second suite (Paris: Richault)
  • Les Cloches de Saïd for voice and piano (Paris: Richault)
  • L'enfant pauvre for voice and piano (Paris: E. Gérard et Cie.)
  • La Fiancée du Marin for voice and piano (Paris: E. Gérard et Cie.)
  • Introduction à la Tempête de Shakespeare, for orchestra (Paris: Parent)
  • Petit cours d'harmonie [probably Kreutzer's Op. 6]

Works mentioned in Fétis as being in manuscript (unpublished as of 1863)

  • String Quartets Nos.5, 6, 7, 8 (Nos.6 and 8 subsequently published by the composer in 1867, digitized by Gallica @ BNF.) Perhaps no.5 or 7 is the string quartet in G minor that's also been digitized?? (Or that's a "ninth", wholly unnumbered quartet.)
  • Troisième suite de mélodies ("Pinsieurs [recht: plusieurs] mélodies tirées des trois suites publiées et inédite ont été arrangées avec accompagnement d'orchestre par l'auteur")
  • Symphony in B-flat major for orchestra. Probably just missed by Fétis in error, as it was self-published (1863 or 1864?) with plate L.K.1. (See manuscript full score at BNF, BNF, BNF.) Also published in an arrangement for solo piano by B. Damcke (Leipzig: Geissler, 1866 (Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1866), p.37)).
  • Symphony in F minor for orchestra. Self-published (full score, 1864?), plate L.K. 6. (See BNF, BNF.) Also published in an arrangement for solo piano by B. Damcke (Leipzig: Geissler, 1866 (Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1866), p.37)).
  • Fantaisie burlesque for orchestra [presumably the Fantaisie held at the Bibliothèque nationale de France.]
  • Fantaisie militaire for orchestra [presumably the Symphonie militaire held at the Bibliothèque nationale de France.]
  • Concerto symphonique in four parts for piano and orchestra (this is the piano concerto in E major with four movements published with plate L.K. 2 in 1863 but perhaps after Fétis finished his article; similarly with the symphony in B-flat.)
  • Serafina, opéra-comique in one act (manuscript vocal score @ BNF)
  • Les filles d'Azur, opéra féerie (mentioned in the US LoC online catalog as an opéra de concert).[Digitised at Gallica by the Bibliotheque national de France.]
  • Stabat Mater for 2 choruses and organ [BnF catalogue reference suggests a cappella]
  • Petit traité de contrepoint

Plate Table for Scores published by Léon Kreutzer

Plate numbers are in the following format: L.K. ##.

Plate Composer Work Year
02 Kreutzer Piano Concerto 1863
07 Kreutzer String Quartet No.2 1864
06 Kreutzer Symphony in F minor (fs) 1864
09 Kreutzer String Quartet No.6 1867
13 Kreutzer String Quartet in G minor 1867
25 Kreutzer Scènes pastorales et chants de guerre bretons 1866
70 Kreutzer Adagio in A-flat major 1867
71 Kreutzer String Quartet No.8 1867