List of works by Louis Lee

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  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte
  • SBB

Works with Opus Number

  • Op.4 - Violin Sonata (Hamburg: Cranz)
  • Op.5 - Piano Quartet No.1 in F major (for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano) (Braunschweig: Meyer, 1851. Plate 884. Copublished also in 1851 by Chabal.)
  • Op.7 - Pièces caractéristiques for Piano (Hamburg: Böhme, 1853) (plate 650)
    • Also (same opus number - same work?) - 6 Mélodies sans paroles (Paris: Alphonse Leduc, 1853; Chabal, 1852 (plates 850, 851))
  • Op.8 - Coquetterie. 2ème Etude de salon for Piano (Hamburg: Böhme, 1853)
  • Op.9 - Cello Sonata in C major for Cello (or Viola) and Piano (Hamburg: Fritz Schuberth, 1861)
  • Op.10 - Piano Trio No.1 in D major (Hamburg: Fritz Schuberth, 1865)
  • Op.12 - 3 Pièces gracieuses for Cello and Piano (Breitkopf und Härtel, 1857 ca.) (plates 9576, 9577, 9578(?))
  • Op.13 -  3 Violin Sonatinen ("Drei Sonatinen leicht auzuführen und fortschreitend geordnet") (C major, F major, A minor) (Hamburg: Cranz, 1868)
  • Op.14 -  3 Cello Sonatinas, 3 progressive sonatinas (C major, G major, A minor) (Fritz Schuberth, 1877. Plates 1393(-?)1395.)

Works without Opus Number

  • Sonnett wenn die Sonne hoch (SAB).
  • Symphony(ies) (missing?) (mentioned here.)
  • Cantata "Jeanne d'Arc" (performed 1860, Hamburg, according to Fétis/Pougin. In ms or missing- or both??)


  • Kayser, H.E., Op. 20. 36 Etudes élémentaires et progressives p. V., arr. p. Vcelle Hamburg, Cranz 1879.
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 67. Sinfonie (Cm.) arr. p. Pfte, Violon, Alto et Vclle Hamburg, Cranz 1858


  • Schubert, Franz, Op. 99. Trio (B), f. Pfte, Viol. u. Vcllo, Hamburg, Cranz 1872.
  • Schubert, Franz, Op. 100. Trio (Es), f. Pfte, Viol. u. Vcllo, Hamburg, Cranz 1872.
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 12. No. 3. Sonate (Es) p. Pfte et Violon. Hamburg, Cranz 1858.
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 30. 3 Sonates p. Pfte et Violon. Hamburg, Cranz. 1858. 
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 47. Sonate (A) p. Pfte et Violon. . Hamburg. Cranz 1858.
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 69. Sonate (A) p. Pfte et Violoncelle. Hamburg, Cranz 1859. 
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 96. Sonate (G) p. Pfte et Violon. Hamburg, Cranz 1859 
  • Beethoven, L. van, Op. 5. 2 Sonates p. Pfte et Violoncelle (ou Violon). Hamburg, Cranz 1861.