List of works by Sigismond Stojowski

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The following is a list of compositions by the composer Sigismond Stojowski.



Works with Opus Number

Published Works Without Opus Number


  • A Stella - An Stella (c. 1890)
  • Chanson de mer - Meereslied (c. 1890)
  • Euphonies - Ce furent là des heures douces (1922)
  • Krakowiak (Le Cracovien), En Route gai Cracovien (for tenor)(1895)
  • La flûte muette (1898)
  • Serénade (1913)

Piano Works

  • Cadenza for Beethoven's Concerto No. 3 in C minor (1913)
  • Deux Feuillets d' Album (1911)
  • Dumka (1945)
  • Lullaby / Cradle Song (1941)
  • Twelve Exercises for Strengthening the 3rd, 4th and 5th Fingers (1922)

Violin Works

  • Serénade for solo violin (1920)

Polish Song Collections

  • Chansons polonaise(s) (1927)
  • Memories of Poland (1937)

Unpublished Works (Manuscript)

  • Ballade for orchestra
  • Cantata Automne, for mixed chorus and orchestra (1888)
  • Caprice-Étude pour le piano (1888)
  • Dumka, for solo voice and chamber orchestra
  • Fugue de concours: Fugue du ton à quatre parties (1889)
  • Mazurka in F Major for violin and orchestra
  • Piano Concerto No. 3 in F Minor
  • Piano Quartet
  • Scherzo for orchestra
  • Symphony No. 2
  • Six Musical Notebooks (Contains:)
    • Tęsknota (Longing), song for high voice & piano
    • Feuille d'Album, for piano (1884)
    • Theme and (13) Variations (1885)
    • Trois morceaux en miniature, for piano (1885)
    • Niegodziwy (Wicked), song for voice and piano (1886)
    • Szkoda (Pity), song for voice and piano (1886)
    • Caprice, for piano (1886)
    • Phantaisie for piano (1886)
    • Romance sans paroles pour violoncelle (no date)

Unpublished Works (Lost?)

  • Cadenza for Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4
  • Cello Sonata No. 2
  • Fantazja polska (Polish Fantasy) for piano and orchestra
  • Intermezzi for piano
  • Piano Quintet
  • Romance for flute and piano
  • Serenade 'Rigandon' [sic!] for piano solo
  • Three Songs
  • Inca Themes for piano