Lute Book Vol.1, MS Dd.2.11 (Holmes, Mathew)

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Sheet Music


PDF scanned by GB-Cu
Stefan Apke (2021/10/2)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1588-1595). (Copied probably in Oxford)
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General Information

Work Title Mathew Holmes lute books Vol.1, MS Dd.2.11
Alternative. Title
Composer Holmes, Mathew
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's Around 320 items: mainly solos for 6 course renaissance lute, except 55 bandora solos, 1 bandora consort part:
  • Possible composer/arranger:
Emanuel Adriaenssen (c.1550-1604)
Richard Allison (c.1570-after1606)
Jacob Arcadelt (1507-1568)
R. Askew (fl.c.1595)
Daniel Bacheler (1572-1619)
Augustine Bassano (before1530?-1604)
Lodovico Bassano (?-1593)
Edward Blankes (c.1550-1633)
John Bull (c.1562-1628)
William Byrd (c.1540-1623)
Michael Cavendish (c.1565-1628)
Jacobus Clemens non Papa (c.1510-1555)
Edward Collard (fl.1599)
Francis Cutting (c.1550-1596)
John Danyel (1564-c.1626)
Fabrizio Dentice (c.1539-c.1581)
John Dowland (c.1563-1626)
Alfonso Ferrabosco Sr. (1543-1588)
Derrick Gerarde (<=1540-after1590)
Anthony Holborne (1545-1602)
Gregorio Huet (c.1550-c.1616)
John Johnson M.A. (c.1545-1594)
Orlando di Lasso (c.1532-1594)
Johannes Lupi (1506-1539)
Lushier (fl.c.1595–1600)
John Marchant (?-c.1620?)
Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500-1553)
Renaldo Paradiso (?-16.01.1569)
Robert Parsons (c.1535-1572)
Edward Pearce (c.1560-c.1613)
Peter Philips (c.1561-1628)
Francis Pilkington (c.1565–1638)
Alberto da Ripa (c.1500-1551)
Valentine Sawyer (fl. 1612)
Julio Segni (1498-1561)
Claudin de Sermisy (c.1490-1562)
John Taverner (c.1490-1545)
Philip van Wilder (c.1500-1554)
John Whitfield (fl.1588-1616)


  • Musica (pp.3-3) (Wolfgang Hexamius). f.1r Musica ...
  • Galliard (pp.3-3) (N.N.)
  • Prelude (pp.3-3) (N.N.). Note: 7th course tuned to D. f.1r Preludium
  • Prelude (pp.3-3) (?Francesco da Milano). f.1r Francisco
  • Pavan (pp.4-4) (Alfonso Ferrabosco) or (Francis Cutting) Note: cf. f.72r. f.1v Alfonso
  • Galliard to the flat pavan (pp.4-4) (John Johnson). Note: cf. f.87r. f.1v Galliard to the flatt pauen
  • Pavan (pp.5-5) (N.N.). Note: cf. the following item.
  • Galliard (pp.5-5) (N.N.). Note: cf. the preceding item.
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.5-5) (N.N.)
  • De la Court pavan (pp.6-6) (N.N.). f.2v De la Courte
  • My heart is surely set (pp.6-6) (N.N.). f.2v My Hart is surely sett
  • Go from my window (pp.7-7) (N.N.). f.3r Go fro my windoe go
  • Duke of Milan's dump (pp.8-8) (N.N.). Note: 6th course tuned to F. f.3v Duke of Millanes Dump
  • Divisions on a ground (pp.8-8) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.3v Band / A Ground A Holb
  • Coranto for Mrs Elizabeth Murcott (pp.8-8) (Francis Pilkington). f.3v Curranta for Mrs E. murcott. F Pilkington
  • Galliard (pp.9-9) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.4r A. Holburn
  • Mrs Elizabeth Murcott's delight (pp.9-9) (Francis Pilkington). f.4r Mrs E. Murcot's Delight. fr Pilkington
  • Galliard (pp.9-9) (Anthony Holborne). f.4r A. Holburne
  • Pavan dolorosa (pp.10-11) (Richard Allison). f.5r Pauen Dolorosa Ri. Allison
  • Mrs Elizabeth Murcott's galliard (pp.11-11) (Francis Pilkington). f.5r Mrs. Elizabeth Murcotes fr Pilkington
  • Mr Timothy Wagstaff's content of desire (pp.12-12) (Francis Pilkington). f.5v Mr Ti Wagstaff his Content of Desier. F Pilk
  • The Lord Hastings' good morrow (pp.12-12) (Francis Pilkington). f.5v The L Hastings God morow fr Pilkingt.
  • George Pilkington's funeral (pp.13-13) (Francis Pilkington). f.6r Georg Pilkingtons funerall made by Fr Pilkington.
  • Galliard (pp.13,12) (N.N.). Note: The piece starts on f.6r and continues (sign) on f.5v; 7th course tuned to D
  • Pavan (pp.14-14) (Francis Cutting). Note: 7th course tuned to F. f.6v Pauen Fr. Cutti
  • Pavan Helena (pp.16-16) (?Lodovico Bassano). 7th course tuned to D. f.7v Pavan Helena. Lo.
  • Untitled (pp.16-16) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.16-16) (John Dowland). f.7v Dowlands Galliarde.
  • Dargason (pp.17-17) (N.N.). f.8r Dargesson
  • Galliard (pp.17-17) (N.N.). f.8r A galliard
  • Goodnight (pp.18-19) (John Johnson)
  • Loth to depart (pp.19-19) (N.N.). f.9r Lothe to departe
  • The Scottish hunt's up (pp.20-21) (John Whitfield). Note: Continues from f.9v to the final 2 bars on the last stave of f.10r.
  • Ploravit pavan (pp.21-21) (Anthony Holborne). Note: 7th course tuned to D. f.10r ploravit / An. Hol.
  • Almain (pp.21-21) (Lushier). f.10r Lushier
  • Mr Strang's Gregory Hits (pp.21-21) (John Whitfield). f.10r Mr. Strangs Gregory hitts. J Whitfield
  • Pavan (pp.22-22) (N.N.). Note: 7th course tuned to D
  • Bona speranza pavan (pp.23-23) (Anthony Holborne). Note: 7th course tuned to D
  • Pavan (pp.23-23) (N.N.)
  • Pavan (pp.24-25) (Francis Cutting). Note: 7th course tuned to D. f.12r fr. Cuttinge
  • Melancholy galliard (pp.25-25) (John Dowland). f.12r Dowl. Mellancoly Galliard
  • Divisions on a ground (pp.26-27) (N.N.)
  • The hunt's up (pp.27-27) (N.N.). Note: for bandora.
  • La sol la pavan (pp.28-28) (N.N.). f.13v La Sol La
  • Pavan (pp.29,28) (Francis Pilkington). Note: This piece starts on f.14r and continues (sign) on f.13v. f.13v A Pauen fr. Pilkingto
  • My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home - Roland (pp.30-30) (John Dowland). Note: for bandora; cf. f.58v.
  • Untitled (Prelude?) (pp.30-30) (N.N.). Note: for bandora
  • Doctor Case's pavan (pp.30-30) (John Dowland). Note: 7th course tuned to D. f.14v Do: Cases Pauen. J: Dowland
  • Fantasia (pp.31-31) (Francesco da Milano). f.16r Fantasia Fran: de Milan
  • Fantasia (pp.31-31) (Francesco da Milano). f.16r Fantasia Fra: de Mylan
  • Fantasia (pp.32-33) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.16v Fantasia Alfon: Ferab
  • Ma pauvre bourse (pp.33-33) (Philip van Wilder). f.17r Ma poure bourse. Mr. Phs
  • Untitled (pp.34-35) (N.N.). Note: vocal intabulation
  • Fantasia (pp.35-35) (Francesco da Milano). f.18r Fantazia
  • Fantasia (pp.36-37) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.19r Fantazia Alfonso: Ferabosco
  • In nomine (pp.37-37) (John Taverner). f.19r Tauerners In nomine.
  • Verbum iniquum (pp.38-39) (Cristóbal de Morales); arr.: (Alberto da Ripa)
  • Avec vous mon amour finera (pp.39-39) (Orlando di Lasso). f.20r Avecques vous. Orlando
  • Un jour passe (pp.40-40) (Jacobus Clemens non Papa). f.20v Ung Jour passe
  • Toy (pp.40-40) (John Johnson). f.20v Johnsons Toy
  • Fantasia? (pp.41-41) (N.N.)
  • Fantasia (pp.42-42) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.21v Fantazia. Alfonso Ferabosco
  • Fantasia (pp.43-43) (?Emanuel Adriaenssen)
  • Mrs White's nothing (pp.43-43) (John Dowland). f.22r Mrs. Whites Nothinge. Jo Dowlande, Bacheler of Musicke
  • Miserere (pp.44-45) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.23r Miserere Alfonso
  • Fantasia (pp.45-45) (?Julio Segni). f.23r Fantasia
  • Susanne une jour (pp.46-47) (Orlando di Lasso) (?arr.: John Johnson). f.24r Susanna orlando
  • A jig - Doctor Bull's Myself (pp.47-47) (John Bull)
  • Si vous voulez (pp.48-49) (?Philip van Wilder); (?arr.: John Johnson). f.25r Si Vous Voulez
  • Le content est riche (pp.49-49) (Claudin de Sermisy)
  • Fantasia (pp.50-50) (N.N.)
  • Fantasia (pp.51-51) (?Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • Fantasia (pp.52-53) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.26v Fantazia Anth. Holb
  • Jour désiré (pp.53-53) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.27r Jour desire
  • Fantasia (pp.54-55) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). Note: for bandora.
  • Fantasia (pp.55-55) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.28r Fantazia Anth. Holburn
  • Fantasia (pp.56-56) (Richard Allison) or (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.28v Fantazia Ri: Alison
  • J'attend secours (pp.57-57) (Dirick Gerard). f.29r J'attend secours. Dirick Gerard
  • Galliard on Walsingham (pp.57-57) (Gregorio Huet)
  • Battle galliard (pp.58-61) (N.N.). Note: 6th course tuned to F.
  • Prelude (pp.61-61) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora.
  • Pavan (pp.61-61) (N.N.). Note: for bandora
  • Quadro pavan (pp.62-63) (John Johnson). Note: See the following galliard on f.32v. f.32r Quadro pauen
  • Last will and testament pavan (pp.63-63) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.32r Holburns last will and Testament
  • Quadro galliard (pp.64-64). (John Johnson). Note: See the preceding Pavan on f.31v-f.32r.
  • Playfellow (pp.64-65) (Anthony Holborne). Note: The piece continues on the bottom (sign) of f.33r. f.33r h: play feloe
  • Galliard (pp.65-65) (John Johnson). f.33r Galliarde Jo Johnson
  • Monsieur's almain (pp.66-67) (John Danyel)
  • Slight conceit (pp.67-67) (N.N.). f.34r Sleight conceipt
  • Pavan (pp.68-68) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). Note: for bandora
  • Fantasia (pp.69-69) (?Valentine Sawyer). Note: for bandora
  • Almain (pp.69-69) (N.N.). Note: for bandora.
  • Tres choses (pp.70-71) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.36r Tres choses A: Holburn
  • Pavan (pp.71-71) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • The Night Watch almain (pp.71-71). (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • La vecchia pavan (pp.72-73) (John Johnson). Note: for bandora
  • Pavan (pp.73-73) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • Prelude (pp.73-73) (N.N.). Note: for bandora
  • Fantasia (pp.74-74) (N.N.). Note: For bandora
  • Pavan (pp.74-74) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.37v Antho: Holburne
  • A toy (pp.74-74) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.37v A Toy
  • Pavan (pp.75-75) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • Galliard (pp.75-75) (N.N.). Note: 7th course tuned to D.
  • Almain (pp.75-75) (John Dowland). f.38r Jo: Dowlande
  • Lady Russell's pavan (pp.76-76) (John Dowland). f.38v Lady Russel / pauen
  • Galliard (pp.76-77) (?Lodovico Bassano)
  • Galliard (pp.77-77) (N.N.)
  • Fantasia (pp.78-78) (Anthony Holborne). f.39v An: Holburn
  • Fantasia (pp.79-79) (N.N.)
  • Earl of Essex's galliard / Can she excuse (pp.80-80) (John Dowland)
  • Frog galliard (pp.80-80) (John Dowland)
  • My Lord of Dehim's Lamentation (pp.80-81) (N.N.). f.41r My L: of Dehims Lamentacion
  • Prelude (pp.80-80) (N.N.)
  • French galliard (pp.81-81) (N.N.). f.41r fr. Galliard
  • Galliard (pp.81-81) (John Dowland)
  • Hunting of the mouse (pp.81-81) (N.N.). Note: 6th course tuned to F. f.41r Hunting of the Mouse
  • Pavan (pp.82-83) (Anthony Holborne). Note: Paired with the following galliard. f.42r Anth. Holburne
  • Galliard to the pavan (pp.83-83) (Anthony Holborne). Note: Paired with the preceding pavan. f.42r Galliard to the same
  • Galliard (pp.84-84) (N.N.). Note: for bandora.
  • Clement's squirrel (pp.84-84) (N.N.). f.42v Clements Squirill
  • Pavan (pp.85-85) (?Lodovico Bassano). Note: paired with the galliard on f.38v-39r. f.43r Pauen: 4 leaves turne backe for the galliard
  • Sedit sola pavan (pp.86-86) (Anthony Holborne). f.43v Sedit sola. A Holburne
  • Galliard (pp.87-87) (John Dowland). Note: for bandora
  • Heart's ease - The Honeysuckle (pp.87-87) (Anthony Holborne). f.44r Hartes ease
  • Prelude (pp.87-87) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.44r Preludium
  • Mr. Chidley's farewell (pp.87-87) (N.N.). f.44r Mr. Chidley's farewell
  • Pavan (pp.88-88) (John Johnson). Note: paired with the following galliard on f.45r. f.44v A pauen: Jo: Johnson
  • Galliard (pp.89-89) (John Johnson). Note: paired with the preceding pavan on f.44v. f.45r Galliard Jo Johnson
  • Almain (pp.89-89) (Anthony Holborne). f.45r A: Holburne
  • Cradle pavan (pp.90-90) (Anthony Holborne). f.45v A: Holburne
  • Pavan (pp.91-91) (John Johnson). Note: paired with the galliard following on f.46v. f.46r Pauen Jo. Johnson
  • Galliard (pp.92-92) (John Johnson). Note: paired with the preceding pavan on f.46r. f.46v Galliard to the Pauen last before Jo: Johnson
  • Piper's pavan (pp.92-93) (John Dowland). f.47r Pauen J. D.
  • Almain (pp.93-93) (John Dowland). f.47r J. D.
  • The long pavan (pp.94-95) (John Johnson). f.48r The long Pauen Jo. Johnson
  • Lady Leighton's pavan / A dream (pp.95-95) (John Dowland). f.48r A dreame
  • Lady Leighton's almain (pp.95-95) (John Dowland). f.48r Allmaine J: Dowland
  • Untitled (Jig?) (pp.95-95) (N.N.). Note: fragment
  • Pavan (pp.96-96) (N.N.). f.48v A pauen
  • Lord Russell's galliard (pp.97-97) (N.N.)
  • Progress (pp.97-97) (N.N.). f.49r Progresse
  • Decrevi Pavan (pp.98-98) (Anthony Holborne). Note: 7th course tuned to D. f.49v Decreui
  • Squire's galliard (pp.98-99) (N.N.). f.50r Squiers Galliard
  • Galliard (pp.99-99) (N.N.)
  • Catin (pp.100-100) (?Orlando di Lasso). Note: unidentified vocal intabulation; 7th course tuned to F. f.50v Catins Orlando
  • Fantasia (pp.100-101) (Renaldo Paradiso). f.51r Fantazy Renaldo Paradiso
  • Cradle pavan (pp.102-102) (Anthony Holborne). f.51v Cradle
  • Galliard (pp.102-102) (N.N.)
  • Untitled (Toy?) (pp.102-102) (N.N.)
  • Viscount Lisle's galliard - Susanna galliard (pp.103-103) (John Dowland). f.52r Susanna galliard
  • Galliard (pp.103-103) (Anthony Holborne). Note: 7th course tuned to F
  • Galliard (pp.103-103) (N.N.). Note: 7th course tuned to F
  • Galliard (pp.103-103) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.52r Band
  • Fantasia (pp.104-104) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.52v Ban
  • Jig? (pp.104-104) (N.N.)
  • Piper's galliard (pp.105-105) (John Dowland)
  • Robin is to the Greenwood Gone / Bonny Sweet Robin / Robin Hood (pp.105-105) (N.N.). f.53r Robin
  • Galliard (pp.106-106) (Francis Cutting)
  • Galliard on Go from my window (pp.106-106) (Francis Cutting). f.53v F.C.
  • Galliard (pp.107,106) (N.N.). Note: starts at the foot of f.54r and continues (sign) on f.53v.
  • Divisions on a ground (pp.107-107) (N.N.)
  • Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La (pp.108-108) (Alfonso Ferrabosco)
  • Rose (pp.108-108) (N.N.). f.54v Rose
  • New Year's gift galliard (pp.108-108) (Anthony Holborne)
  • My lady P's pavan (pp.109-109) (N.N.). f.55r My La. P. Pauen
  • Galliard (pp.110-110) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.110-110) (N.N.)
  • Orlando sleepeth (pp.110-110) (John Dowland). f.55v Orlando sleepth J:D.
  • Captain Cavendish's galliard (pp.111-111) (John Dowland). f.56r J:dowl
  • Fortune my foe / Complaint (pp.111-111) (John Dowland). Note: duet part. f.56r Complaint J.D.
  • Tarleton's jig (pp.111-111) (John Dowland)
  • Gathering peascods (pp.111-111) (John Johnson). f.56r Allmaine Jo Johnson
  • Galliard (pp.111-111) (John Dowland)
  • Pavan (pp.112-112) (N.N.). Note: for bandora.
  • Galliard (pp.112-112) (Edward Pearce). f.56v Edw: Pierce Regie Capellae
  • Pavan (pp.113,112) (Francis Cutting). Note: The 3 signs at f.57r (top) lead to varied repetitions Holms will have added later on to this piece on f.57r (bottom) and f.56v (bottom)
  • Lady Russell's pavan (pp.113-113) (N.N.). Note: for bandora
  • Last will and testament pavan (pp.114-115) (Anthony Holborne)
  • Lady Clifton's spirit / Katherine Darcy's spirit (pp.115-115) (John Dowland). f.58r K Darcies Spirite J: Dowl
  • Fr. Dac. galliard (pp.115-115) (?John Dowland) or (Francis Cutting). f.58r fr: Dac: Galliard
  • Lord Strang's March (pp.115-115) (John Dowland). f.58r Lord Strangs March J.D.
  • Solus cum sola (pp.116-116) (John Dowland). f.58v Solus cum sola J: Dowl
  • Lord Willoughby's welcome home / Roland (pp.116-116) (John Dowland). f.58v my L Willioghby Tune. J.D.
  • Queen Elizabeth's Galliard (pp.117-117) (John Dowland). f.59r K. Darcies Galliard
  • Almain (pp.117-117) (Edward Blankes). f.59r Blankes Allmaine
  • The Gordian knot (pp.118-118) (Anthony Holborne). f.59v A: Holb
  • Almain (pp.119-119) (N.N.)
  • Jig (pp.119-119) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.119-119) (John Dowland). f.60r Dow: galliard
  • Farewell all (Welsh almain) (pp.119-119) (N.N.). f.60r The Welsh Allmaine. farwell All
  • Almain (pp.120-120) (Lushier). f.60v Lushers Allmaine
  • Clark's Galliard / Jest (pp.120-120) (Anthony Holborne). f.60v Holburne Jest
  • Cradle of conceits pavan (pp.121-121) (Anthony Holborne). f.61r Cradle pauen
  • Hillary march (pp.121-121) (N.N.). f.61r Hillary march
  • Pavan (pp.121-121) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.61r Pauen Alfonso
  • Au joli bois (pp.122-122) (Johannes Lupi). f.61v Au ioly bois
  • Earl of Derby's Coranto / French King's Masque (pp.122-122) (N.N.). f.61v King's Maske
  • Queen's galliard (pp.123-123) (John Dowland). f.62r Galliard
  • Galliard (pp.123-123) (N.N.). Note: for bandora.
  • New Year's gift galliard (pp.123-123) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • Earl of Essex's galliard (pp.124-124) (John Dowland)
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.124-124) (John Dowland). f.62v J: Johns
  • Pavan (pp.125-125) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.63r A pauen
  • Galliard (pp.125-125) (N.N.). f.63r Galliard
  • Ahi se la donna mia (pp.125-125) (Jacob Arcadelt). f.63r Archadelt
  • Almain (pp.126-126) (N.N.). f.63v Allmaine
  • Mrs White's Choice / Thing (pp.126-126) (John Dowland). f.63v W. Thinge
  • Holborne's farewell (pp.126-126) (Anthony Holborne). f.63v Holburns farewell
  • La vecchia (pp.avan) (pp.127-127) (Augustine Bassano)
  • Galliard (pp.127-127) (Francis Cutting). Note: for bandora. f.64r Galliard fr.Cutting
  • Go merrily wheel (pp.127-127) (N.N.). f.64r Go merely wheele
  • Long pavan (pp.128-128) (John Johnson). f.64v Ban / Long Pauen
  • Fantasia (pp.129-129) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora
  • Lullaby (pp.129-129) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.65r Lullaby
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.130-131) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.65v Passm Pauen
  • Bonny sweet boy (pp.131-131) (N.N.). f.66r Bonny sweete Boy
  • Robin is to the Greenwood Gone / Bonny Sweet Robin / Robin Hood (pp.131-131) (N.N.). f.66r Robin
  • Playfellow jig (pp.131-131) (Anthony Holborne). f.66r A jigge
  • To Westminster (pp.132-132) (N.N.). f.66v To westminster
  • Spanish pavan (pp.132-132) (N.N.). f.66v Spannish pauen
  • Pavan (pp.133-133) (Augustine Bassano)
  • Galliard (pp.133-133) (N.N.). f.67r Galliard R B
  • Fantasia (pp.134-134) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.67v A fansie
  • Galliard (pp.134-134) (John Dowland)
  • Southwell's galliard (pp.135-135) (N.N.). f.68r Southwells Galliarde
  • Trellyll (pp.135-135) (N.N.). f.68r Trellyll
  • Pavan (pp.136-136) (N.N.). f.68v Pauen
  • Wilson's wild (pp.136-136) (N.N.). f.68v Willsons Wylde
  • Pavan (pp.137-137) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.69r Pauen A: Holburn
  • Coranto - Volt (pp.137-137) (N.N.). f.69r Currante
  • Quadro pavan (pp.138-138) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.69v Quadro pauen
  • Galliard to the quadro pavan (pp.138-139) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.70r Galliarde to the same
  • Downright Squire (pp.139-139) (N.N.). f.70r Downeright Squyre
  • Almain (pp.139-139) (Anthony Holborne). f.70r Allmaine A. Holb.
  • Quadro pavan (pp.140-140) (Anthony Holborne). Note: for bandora. f.70v Quadro pauen Anth: Holburne
  • Pavan (pp.141-141) (Richard Allison). f.71r Pauen Ri: Allison
  • Squire's galliard (pp.142-142) (N.N.). f.71v Squiers Galliard
  • Galliard (pp.142-142) (Francis Cutting). f.71v Cuttings galliard
  • Pavan (pp.143-143) (Francis Cutting). f.72r Pauen Cutting
  • Clark's Galliard / Jest (pp.144-144) (Anthony Holborne). f.72v Galliard
  • Sir Robert Sidney's Galliard (pp.144-144) (N.N.). f.72v Sr Ro Sidneys Galliard
  • Coranto (pp.144-144) (N.N.). f.72v Currant
  • La volta (pp.145-145) (William Byrd)
  • E. Porter's pavan (pp.145-145) (Francis Cutting). f.73r Cutting E. Porters Pauen
  • In nomine (pp.146-146) (Robert Parsons). f.73v parsons In noie
  • Galliard (pp.146-147) (Francis Cutting). Note: f.73v continues at the bottom of f.74r (sign). f.74r Phs galliarde
  • John petit John (pp.147-147) (N.N.). f.74r John petie John
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.148-148) (John Johnson). f.74v Jo: Johnson
  • The Countess of Ormond's Galliard / Light of Love (pp.148-148) (N.N.). f.74v The Countes of Ormonils Galliarde
  • Galliard (pp.149-149) (N.N.)
  • Almain (pp.149-149) (Richard Allison). f.75r Allmaine R. Alison
  • La volta (pp.149-149) (N.N.). f.75r Curranta
  • Lachrimae pavan (pp.150-151) (John Dowland). f.75v Lachrimæ Jo. Dowl
  • Mignarda (galliard) (pp.151-151) (John Dowland). f.77r Mignarde
  • Pavan (pp.151-151) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.77r Pauan Alfonso
  • The squirrel's toy (pp.151-151) (Francis Cutting). f.77r The Squirrills Toy fr Cutting
  • Pavan (pp.152-152) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.77v Pauen Alfonso Ferabosco
  • Chow Bente (pp.153-153) (N.N.)
  • Song (pp.153-153) (N.N.). f.79r A songe
  • Sir Walter Raleigh's galliard (pp.154-154) (?Francis Cutting) or (Richard Allison). f.79v Sir Walter Rawley's f. Cutting Galliarde W: Bradbery
  • Fancy (pp.154-155) (Fabrizio Dentice). f.80r A fancy
  • Robin Hood / Toy (pp.155-155) (N.N.). f.80r Toy
  • Galliard (pp.155-155) (N.N.). f.80r A Galliard
  • Galliard (pp.155-155) (R. Askew). f.80r Askewes galliarde
  • A fancy (pp.156-156) (N.N.). f.80v A fancy
  • Over the broom Bessy (pp.156-156) (N.N.). f.80v Over the Broome Bessy
  • Toy (pp.156-156) (Francis Cutting). f.80v f: Cuttings Toy
  • Hornpipe (pp.157-157) (N.N.)
  • Coranto (pp.157-157) (N.N.). f.81r Currant
  • Lachrimae pavan (pp.158-158) (John Dowland)
  • Bugle bow (pp.159-159) (N.N.). f.82r Buggle bowe
  • Captain Digorie Piper's pavan (pp.159-159) (John Dowland). Note: for bandora. f.82r C: Pipers Pauen
  • Galliard on Walsingham (pp.160-160) (John Dowland). Note: for bandora
  • De la tromba pavan (pp.160-160) (Richard Allison). f.82v De la Tromba pauen to the Bandora
  • Patience pavan (pp.161-161) (Anthony Holborne)
  • Passion galliard (pp.161,160) (?Anthony Holborne) or (Francis Cutting). f.83r Holburns passion
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.162-162) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.83v Passemezures
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.163-163) (N.N.). Note: for bandora. f.84r Passemezures
  • Sans per pavan (pp.164-164) (Francis Cutting). f.84v Sans per Cuttinge
  • Lachrimae pavan (pp.164-164) (John Dowland). Note: for bandora. f.84v Lachrimae J.D.
  • Fantasia (pp.165-165) (?Philip van Wilder). f.85v Fantasie Mr Phs
  • Mrs Anne Harcourt's galliard (pp.165-165) (Francis Pilkington). f.85v Mrs Anne Harecourte Galliarde fr Pilk
  • Fantasia (pp.166-166) (Alfonso Ferrabosco). f.85v Ban: / fantazia
  • Sir Philip Sidney's Lamentation (pp.166-166) (N.N.). f.85v Sir Phillip Sidneys Lamentacion
  • Scottish galliard (pp.167-167) (N.N.). f.86r Scottishe Galliard
  • Good night and good rest (pp.167-167) (John Johnson). f.86r Good night and good rest
  • Pavan (pp.168-168) (N.N.). f.86v Greenes Pauen
  • Flat pavan (pp.169-169) (John Johnson). Note: cf. f.1v. f.87r The flatt pauen Jo Johnson
  • Galliard (pp.169-169) (Anthony Holborne). f.87r Anth Holburne
  • Primero (pp.170-170) (Richard Allison). f.87v Prmiero
  • Pavan (pp.171-171) (Anthony Holborne). Note: paired with the following galliard on f.89r. f.88r A pauen A Holburn
  • Old medley (pp.172-173) (John Johnson). f.88v Olde Meddley Jo Johnson
  • Galliard to the pavan (pp.173-173) (Anthony Holborne). Note: paired with the preceding Pavan on f.88r. f.89r Galliard to the pauen last before Ant: Holburne
  • Passymeasures pavan (pp.174-175) (N.N.). f.90r Pauan passemeza
  • Galliard to the passymeasures (pp.176-177,175) (N.N.). Note: The piece starts on f.90v, then f.91r and continues (sign) on f.90r. f.91r turn ouer backward
  • Quadro pavan (pp.178-181) (N.N.). f.93r Quadro
  • Frog galliard (pp.181-181) (John Dowland). f.93r The frogg Galliard
  • Galliard to the quadro pavan (pp.182-183) (N.N.). f.94r Galliard to the Quadro
  • A down (pp.183-183) (N.N.). Note: Divisions on a ground. f.94r A downe
  • Fantasia (pp.184-184) (N.N.). f.94v A fansie
  • Galliard (pp.185-185) (John Dowland). f.95r Dowlands Galliarde
  • Galliard (pp.185-185) (?Michael Cavendish). f.95r Galliard Candish
  • Hamburg march (pp.186-186) (N.N.). f.95v Hamburgh March
  • Galliard (pp.186-186) (N.N.). f.95v A Galliard
  • Walsingham (pp.187-187) (Francis Cutting). f.96r Fr Cutting
  • Walsingham (pp.188-189) (Edward Collard). f.97r Collard
  • Preludium (pp.189-189) (N.N.). f.97r Preludium
  • Fragment (pp.189-189) (N.N.)
  • Fragment (pp.189-189) (N.N.)
  • Galliard (pp.189-189) (Daniel Bacheler). f.97r D.B.
  • Pavan (pp.190-190) (Richard Allison). f.97v R: Alison
  • Walsingham (pp.191-191) (John Johnson). f.98r Jo Johnson
  • Jig (Francis Cutting). f.98r A Jigg. fr Cutt
  • Pavan (pp.192-193) (Peter Philips). f.99r Phillips Pauen
  • Lord Burgh's Galliard / Johnson's Jewel Galliard (pp.193-193) (John Johnson). f.99r Johnsons Jewell
  • Hamburg march galliard (pp.193-193) (N.N.). f.99r Galliard to Hamburgh marche
  • To plead my faith galliard (pp.194-194) (Daniel Bacheler)
  • Kemp's jig - The Parliament (pp.194-194) (N.N.). f.99v Kemps Jigge
  • Almain (pp.195-195) (Francis Cutting). f.100r Allmaine. fr. Cutting
  • Jig (pp.195-195) (R. Askew). f.100r A Gigg. R. Askue
  • Fantasia (pp.196-196) (John Marchant). f.100v Marchant
  • Mrs Nichols' almain (pp.196-196) (John Dowland)
  • Almain or masque tune (pp.196-196) (N.N.)
  • Divisions on a ground (pp.197-198) (Edward Collard)
  • Galliard (pp.198-198) (William Byrd). f.101v Mr. Birdes
  • Tuning and prelude (pp.198-198) (N.N.). Note: for bandora
Dedication see below
(Possibly:) Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (John Dowland’s Earl of Essex Galliard)
Robert Sidney, 1st Earl of Leicester (Anon.: Sir Robert Sidney's Galliard)
Philip Sidney (N.N.: Sir Philip Sidney's Lamentation)
George Pilkington (presumably a family member; Francis Pilkington: George Pilkington's funeral)
John Chidley (possibly assiciated with his departure from Plymouth with ships in 1589; N.N.: Mr. Chidley's farewell)
Richard Tarleton (actor, d. 1588; John Dowland: Tarleton's jig)
Robert Wilson (actor, d. 1600; N.N.: Wilson's wild)
William Kemp (actor, d. 1603; N.N.: Kemp's jig)
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Renaissance
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation lute, bandora
Extra Information In the 1960s Ian Harwood (1931-2011) assigned 9 manuscripts to be copied by Mathew Holmes probably in the time from 1588, when he was Precentor and Singingman of Christ Church in Oxford, along 1597, when he went to Westminster Abbey in London and there until his death in 1621. Thereof 4 manuscripts can be seen as the source for the renaissance (solo) lute in Britain.

There are several items where a real or virtual "?" should be added, caused by a disputable origin. Going to the linked place at the Cambridge University Library, clicking on "show the metadata" may help sometimes to broaden the information. Old manuscripts are often damaged somehow, and they are sometimes rebound later on, causing trouble if the folios are assorted in a different way as before. It is not always going straight on with a piece, e.g. from folio 20r to 20v. As well, in the 4 volumes a few fragments are included that can't really be seen as a whole piece. If there is text, Holmes added it often (but not always) at the end of the piece. In the listing used here e.g. "(pp.99-100)" locates the place in the pdf-file. If there is e.g. a "f.21v Fantazia. Alfonso Ferabosco" at the end of an item, a (re-/decrypted) handwritten text is located at folio 21v. To make it not that easy: yes, in the manuscript there might be a doubled numbering with a pencil and you have to find out which is the right one! ;-) The information collected at the Cambridge University Library comes from John H. Robinson (Lute Society) and, of course, it is based on the knowledge and work of a number of others.