Lyric Book, Op.72 (Myaskovsky, Nikolay)

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General Information

Work Title Lyric Book, 6 romances for soprano and piano after texts by Mira Mendelson and Robert Burns
Alternative. Title Тетрадь лирики, 6 романсов для высокого голоса и ф-но (на слова М.Мендельсон и ее переводы из Бернса)
Composer Myaskovsky, Nikolay
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. Op.72
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. INM 12
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 6 Songs
1. Забуду ли тебя
2. Как парус что мелькнет порою…
3. День безоблачный апреля
4. Как часто ночью
5. Мое сердце в горах…(из Бернса)
6. Мэри (из Бернса)
Year/Date of CompositionY/D of Comp. 1946
First Publication. 1947 - Sovyetsky Kompozitor
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This work is claimed to be under copyright in the USA due to
"restoration" via the GATT/TRIPS amendment (Section 104). NIE-V8002P681
Librettist Mira Mendelson* (1915-1968)
after Robert Burns (1759-1796)
Language Russian
Dedication Mira Mendelson*
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation voice, piano
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Misc. Comments

Mira Mendelson was the second wife of Sergey Prokofiev