M. Maillot



Publisher of primarily piano and vocal music, operating in Nice between ca.1899 and ca.1917.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • M. Maillot, Éditeur


  • Nice, 29 Avenue de la Gare

Plate Numbers

Plate numbers are in the formats of ###, M.M.###, or M. ### M. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
60 Deffès C'est pour l'amour de toi 1908
64 Deffès Marie-Louise 1909
75 Pianelli Apparition 1909
76 Pianelli En attendant l'aimée 1909
81 Deffès Menuet Sévigné (arr. pf by Lejolivet) 1909
84 Deffès Menuet Sévigné (arr. pf by Missa) 1910
87 Angel Chillon 1910

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