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This firm operated in Frankfurt am Oder in Prussia from 1863 to 1892, when it was taken over by Anton J. Benjamin. It specialized in dance music in many arrangements: piano, salon orchestra, wind band and string orchestra. The main composers were Heinrich Herrmann, R. Piefke, Franz Budik, G. Michaelis Adolf Schreiner, Gustav Lange Joseph Strebinger, B. Bilse and K.Faust, each composer typically contributing about 100 dances each. The firm’s most successful property was Lange’s Blumenlied, first published for piano in 1867 but subsequently appearing in 17 arrangements by 1900.

The firm published several series: Das tanzende Deutschland (piano) 38 vols, Concert-Album (12 to 20 piece orchestra) Eine Sammlung der beliebtesten Opernsätze, Salonfantasien. Potpourris, Solosätze. 71 vols, and Marsch-Album 9 vols.


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