My Favorite Folk Songs (Sembrich, Marcella)

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Coulonnus (2012/2/24)

Publisher. Info. Boston: Ditson, 1917.
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General Information

Work Title My Favorite Folk Songs
Alternative. Title
Composer Sembrich, Marcella
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 59 songs (see end of page for contents)
First Publication. 1918
Librettist Various
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation Voice, Piano


  1. Harvey Worthington Loomis - Laughing Water (Be-thee wa-an), Pawnee American Indian Melody
  2. Harvey Worthington Loomis - Little Papoose (Wae-ton wa-an), Omaha American Indian Melody
  3. William Arms Fisher - Deep River, American Negro spiritual, Op.19 No.1
  4. Reassured (Die Beruhigte). Austrian folksong
  5. The Sorrow of Love (Liebeskummer). Austrian folksong
  6. Heinrich Reimann - Lament (Stesk). Bohemian folksong
  7. Granville Bantock - The Treasure (Wšak nam tak, nebude). Bohemian song and dance tune
  8. Granville Bantock - The Outlaw (Tri godini). Bulgarian folksong
  9. Charles Fonteyn Manney - Gai Lon La. French Canadian folksong
  10. Granville Bantock - Why So Silent, Tell Me, Birdie (Pann s Kolo). Bosnian folksong
  11. Henry Edward Krehbiel - The Jasmin-flower (Moo-lee-hwa). Chinese folksong
  12. William Arms Fisher - Barbara Allen. English folksong
  13. William Arms Fisher - Pretty Polly Oliver. English air of the 17th century
  14. Granville Bantock - The Three Ravens. Old English ballad
  15. Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin - If We Were Wandering (La bell' si nous étiom' dedans). Normandy folksong
  16. Julien Tiersot - Nightingale Sweetly Singing (Roussignoulet qui cantos). French Béarnese song
  17. Julien Tiersot - The Three Captains (Les trois capitaines). French dance song
  18. Julien Tiersot - The Parable of the Sinful Rich Man (La parable du mauvais riche). French folksong
  19. Granville Bantock - Must I Go (Muss i denn). Swabian folksong
  20. My Heart and Thy Heart (Dein Herz und mein Herz). Swabian folksong
  21. Heinrich Reimann - The Lanthorn (Die Latern). Swabian folksong
  22. Heinrich Reimann - The Mill-wheel (Das Mühlrad). German folksong
  23. The Sandman (Sandmännchen). German folksong from the Lower Rhine
  24. Athanasios Christopoulos (arr. Granville Bantock) - The Musician (O moiskos). Greek song
  25. Johannes Brahms (arr. Heinrich Reimann}} - See, Love, Above the Stars (Csillag elég rugyog). Hungarian folksong
  26. William Arms Fisher - The Last Rose of Summer (The Groves of Blarney). Irish air
  27. William Arms Fisher - Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (My Lodging, it is on the Cold Ground). Irish air
  28. Heinrich Reimann - La Romanella. Neapolitan folksong
  29. O Once Mine Eyes Had Seen You (Pill' ura chi ti vitti). Siciliana. Italian folksong
  30. Peasant's Song (Canzonetta di campagnuolo). Italian folksong, from the Romagna
  31. Should You Chance on Love At Play (Se Amor mai da un se vede). Venetian folksong.
  32. Heinrich Reimann - The Savoyarde (La Savoyarde). Piedmont folksong
  33. Catina, My Sweetheart (Catina bellina). Italian folksong
  34. Heinrich Reimann - Wherein Have I Offended? (Che t'ho fatto?). Neapolitan popular song
  35. Granville Bantock - Dearest Maiden (Kau fra Hallingdalen). Norwegian shepherd's song
  36. Waldemar Thrane - Norwegian Echo Song (Kom Kjyra)
  37. Dearest Maiden, Hark, I Pray Thee (Krakowiak). Polish dance song from Krakow
  38. Heinrich Reimann - How Shall I, Unhappy (Cóż ja nieboraczek). Polish folksong from Sandomir
  39. Heinrich Reimann - Oh Hop-vine (Oj chmielu). Polish wedding song from Sandomir
  40. Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov - Ah! See the Old Pear-tree (Zéléna grusha). Folksong from Saratov
  41. Heinrich Reimann - By the Bridge (Wozli ryczki wozli mosta). Russian dumka
  42. Heinrich Reimann - O'er the Distant Lonely Mountains (Dalekaya i blezkaya). Russian folksong
  43. Heinrich Reimann - Sown with Millet Was My Garden (Siaľem proso na zagonie). Folksong from Little Russia
  44. My Neighbor (A Susida). Ruthenian folksong
  45. The Dancers (Oy szumyt i hude). Ruthenian folksong
  46. The Woodland Cabin (Hrye). Ruthenian folksong
  47. Colin Campbell - Comin' Thro' the Rye (Gin a body meet a body). Old Scottish air
  48. Alicia Anne Scott (arr. Helen Hopkirk) - Maxwellton Braes Are Bonnie (Annie Laurie). Scottish song
  49. Helen Hopkirk - What's this Dull Town to Me? (Robin Adair). Old Celtic air, common to Scotland and Ireland
  50. Granville Bantock - Come, My Dearest (Pjesma). Serbian folksong
  51. Granville Bantock - On A Crystal Throne (Necken's Polska). Swedish folksong
  52. Heinrich Reimann - Sorrow (Sorgen). Swedish folksong
  53. Isidor Dannström - Vigorous and Honest is He (Rasker och redlig är han). Swedish folksong from Wostberga
  54. When I Was Seventeen (När jag blef sjutton ar). Swedish folksong
  55. Heinrich Reimann - May Song (Cancion de Maja). Andalusian song
  56. Heinrich Reimann - Think Not Thou Canst Deceive Me (Se piensas enganarme). Bolero castellano. Spanish folksong
  57. Cruel Caramba (Tirana del Caramba y como te quiero). Spanish folksong
  58. Louis-Albert Bourgault-Ducoudray - Sleep, My Child (Aïnte). Folksong from Smyrna
  59. Granville Bantock - The Sun Hangs High (Charki hidjas). Khanjian folksong from Turkey)