New York Music Publishing Co. (Limited)



The firm was incorporated under the laws of New York in January, 1882 with an initial capital stock of $2,500 (increased to $5,000 one year later). An advertisement appeared in the May 13, 1882 issue of Music and Drama stating the following:

The above named company organized under the laws of the State of New York is an association of gentlemen all of whom with a single exception are professional musicians and several of them prominent composers and directors of the most popular orchestras. The object of the company is primarily to publish original compositions for orchestra, band and piano which shall have been first carefully tested and their excellence fully proved. Having in its organization composers of wide popularity and abundant opportunity for giving their compositions a thorough trial, it may be accepted without reserve that the imprint of their company on any composition will be an infallible guaranty of its superiority.

The advertisement provided the names and backgrounds of the following officers and stockholders:

  • President: John M. Lander. Director, composer, and President of the New York Musical Mutual Protective Union.
  • Vice President: Ernest Neyer. Conductor and musical director at the Standard Theatre.
  • Treasurer: Martin Papst. Director of Music and Secretary of the Musical Mutual Protective Union.
  • Secretary: Henry Giesemann. Pianist and composer.
  • Director: Horatio C. King. Counsel of the New York Musical Mutual Protective Union.
  • Manager: Leopold Fuenkenstein. "An experienced musician and for many years connected with the music trade of New York."

The remaining stockholders were identified as follows:

  • M. Arbuckle. Cornet soloist and bandmaster of the Ninth Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.
  • Jacob Mallach, Sr. Composer and arranger
  • Adolph Bernstein. Conductor and musical director of Bernstein's Orchestra.
  • Augustus Rubel. Leader of P.S. Gilmore's Orchestra.
  • Julius Bernstein. Composer and musical director of the Germania Theatre.
  • Gustav Weingarten. Composer and arranger.
  • Emil Boettger. Composer and arranger.
  • Charles W. Wernig. Conductor of orchestra at Bijou Theatre.
  • Frank Danz (sp?). Violinist.
  • Daniel Wiegand. Composer and Bandmaster U.S. Army.
  • Louis Faerber. Violinist.
  • Arnold Giesemann. Violinist.
  • George Wiegand. Composer and director of Crook's Amateur Band.
  • Ferdinand Kirsch. Pianist.

In 1889 the company officers were as follows: John M. Lander, President; Jacob Mallach, Secretary; Martin Papst, Treasurer. The Board of Directors consisted of John M. Lander, George Wiegand, Martin Papst, Jacob Mallach, Charles W. Wernig, and Leopold Fuenkenstein. In 1890 Wernig replaced Papst (having died in 1889) as Secretary and Charles Boswald took Papst's position on the board.

The company appears to have gone out of business sometime between the summer of 1891 (last instance found of a work submitted for copyright protection) and the fall of 1893 (when the New York City Law Department reported that taxes due from the company for the years 1890 and 1891 could not be collected as the company had no assets).

The firm does not appear to be related to the New York Music Publishing Co. operated by S. Turney at 436 Fourth Ave. in the period 1878-1880. Another New York Music Publishing Co. that was in operation around 1904 at 484-488 Grand St. in New York City also does not appear to be related.



Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • New York Music Publishing Co. (Limited)


  • New York
    • 73 East Fourth St. (1882–ca.1885)
    • 12 Fourth Ave. (ca.1886–1888)
    • 9 East 14th St. (1889–at least 1890)

Plate Numbers

  • The firm appears to have utilized plate numbers in the following format: ###. Plate numbers appear to have started with 100 or 101.
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