Novello's Tonic Sol-fa Series

typical page of sol-fa notation



This British series used tonic sol-fa notation to aid sight-singing.

Arrangers and Editors




  • 110 Homeward! A four-part Song.Leslie, Henry
  • 362 Hallelujah Handel
  • 428 The Nightingale. Madrigal for four voices. T. Weelkes
  • 507 The Grace of God that bringeth Salvation. Anthem for four voices. Barnby
  • 707 Four Christmas Carols. Written by W. C. Dix. 1. O Babe, in Manger lying. 2. The Virgin is hushing her Baby to rest. 3. What Child is this? 4. Darkness fell on the weary? Earth. Barnby
  • 792 To thee Cherubin and Seraphim Handel
  • 88O Lord, how manifold are Thy Works. Full Anthem for Harvest Festivals. Barnby,
  • 1541 Spring-Time, Beethoven
  • 1552 Good-Night Op. 59. No. 4. Schumann
  • 1683 Magnifiat and Nunc dimittis, Service in E Barnby
  • 1997 David of the White Rock Evans, Harry 1873-1914.
  • 2278 Sweet and low ... for T.T.B.B., Barnby