Outremontaises permission

Find below the kind permission given by Pierre Gouin, the owner of the Editions Outremontaises, to reproduce any of his publications on IMSLP granted that appropriate reference is made about his work.

Hello Matthieu,
I am very pleased that IMSLP Petrucci music library is back online!
Of course, as being myself Les Éditions Outremontaises (for free
online PD music scores), I authorize IMSLP/Petrucci Library to host
the scores of John Stanley and C.F. Abel I typesetted from original
facsimile editions.
Actually, Stanley has 3 books of Voluntaries: Op. 5, Op. 6 and Op. 7
As for CF Abel, there are 6 sonatas.
If some of them are missing in IMSLP, you may always download them
from WIMA.
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Le 08-07-08 à 07:36, Matthieu a écrit :
> Dear Pierre Gouin,
> Some of your (very nice) reengravings have been uploaded to the
> IMSLP/Petrucci library (http://imslp.org/wiki/Main_Page) after
> beeing downloaded from WIMA. On IMSLP, each file needs to be
> reviewed to comply with copyright laws.
> As the owner of the following engravings, do you allow IMSLP to
> host them:
> * 10 voluntary, Op.6 by John Stanley - http://imslp.org/wiki/
> Voluntaries%2C_Op.6_%28Stanley%2C_John%29
> * Sonata no.1 in B-flat major by Carl Friedrich Abel - http://
> imslp.org/wiki/Sonata_No.1_in_B-flat_major_%28Abel%2C_Carl_Friedrich
> %29
> In case of a positive answer, could you let us know if your
> permission could be used in similar (WIMA->IMSLP upolads) situations ?
Yes, of course, I grant you permission to dowload from WIMA and host
on IMSLP any scores by Les Éditions Outremontaises you might wish.
The only condition is to clearly give the sources : Pierre Gouin as
Engraver/typesetter/editor, Les Éditions Outremontaises as publisher,
and WIMA as source.
Félicitations pour le magnifique travail!
Pierre Gouin
> with best regards,
> Matthieu
> (copyright reviewer)