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This company was founded by Carl Paez in Hamburg in 1842, and operated until at least 1900. It specialized in dance music and songs, both solo and male chorus. Its output was large, over 1300 works in 58 years. Most of the composers it its catalog are obscure today; however it published some more serious chamber works by Fritz Kauffmann, Emilie Mayer, Taubert and Raff.

Not to be confused with St. Petersburg publisher Paez which operated early in the 19th century (though since that Paez, according to HMB, was short for "Ch. Paez jun.", perhaps, hypothetically, Charles Paez moved from St Petersburg to Hamburg in the 1840s?)


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Carl Paez (D. Charton)
  • Charles Paez


  • Berlin
  • Hamburg

Plate Numbers

Paez's plate numbers appear in the following formats: C.P. ###; ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate format: ####

Plate Composer Work Year
1063 Ogiński 4 National Polonaises
2764 Mayer La Tarantella, Op.74 1843
2792 Mayer Valse-Etude No.2, Op.71 1844
2803 Mayer 2 Grandes etudes de concert, Op.73 1844
2804 Damcke La demande, Op.16 1844
2844 Kiel 2 Nocturnes 1844
3027 Mayer Violin Sonata, Op.17 1863
3140 Nebling Die Spieldose 1874
Plate #Full PlateComposerWorkIMSLP #Full YearYear

Plate format: C.P. ###

Plate Composer Work Year
300 Kauffmann String Quartet, Op.14 (score) 1888
979 Kauffmann Cello Concerto, Op.29 (full score) 1899

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