Patey & Willis

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This London firm published from 1881 to the end of the century.

The major part of its catalogue was popular piano pieces, especially by Gustav Merkel (late 1880s). It published many solo songs, and tutors such as Madame Patey's vocal tutor (1881). Finally there were several large-scale cantatas and oratorios such as Joseph Parry's Saul of Tarsus(1892) and J.F. Barnett's, The Building of the Ship.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Patey & Willis


  • 39, Great Marlborough St. London
  • 44, Great Marlborough St. London

Plate Numbers

  • Patey & Willis' plate numbers are in the format of P. & W. ####.
Plate Composer Work Year
0589 Barnett The Building of the Ship, Op.35 (vocal score, 15th ed.
1767 Parry Saul of Tarsus (vocal score

Sources Consulted

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