Paul Koeppen

cover 1904
cover ca.1905



From 1898 this Berlin firm mainly published music for the harmonium (both normal and Mason and Hamlin), much of it arranged by Paul Hassenstein (1843-1927) and Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877-1933).
Typical composers were Karl Kämpf (1874 -1950), R. Francke, Oskar Bie, J. Ertel, Hans Hermann and Arthur H. Bird (1856 -1923). The catalog included harmonium solos, songs, pieces for violin and harmonium, and arrangements for harmonium.


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  • Paul Koeppen


  • Berlin SW 48 Friedrichstr. 235

Plate Numbers

Plate Numbers

Koeppen's plate numbers appear in the following format:P.K. ###.

Plate Composer Work Year
378 Bird 3 Oriental Sketches, Op.42 No.3. Marsch der Aethioper 1904
201 Kellermann Romanze, Op.45 1902
556-8 Taubert 2 Pieces, Op.73 1909
496 Rubinstein 2 Mélodies, Op.3 1909
325 Hubay 3 Stücke, Op.95 1904

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