This firm was active from 1834 until 1890 (1876 per Hopkinson). It published a vast quantity of dance music for the piano (800 items in the BNF catalog), many of which were composed by the owner Camille Prilipp(1810-1889) under the pseudonym Camille Schubert. Camille had grown up in the publishing business, since his father Leon Prilipp had operated a publishing house from 1816.
Source: BNF

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses


  • 18 or 19 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris.

Plate Numbers

Dates in italics are estimated. Plate numbers are usually in the format of C. #### P.

Plate Composer Work Year
0131 Balbi Les papillons 1866
0391 Wolff Mosaïque pour piano, Op.31 1840
0529 Schubert Nouvelle tarentelle, Op.82 1845
0565 Schubert Un souvenir d'Italie, Op.51 1842
0953 Stamaty Grande fantaisie sur 'La somnambule', Op.13 1853
0954 Stamaty Romance dramatique, Op.14 1853
0955 Stamaty Rondo-caprice, Op.15 1853
1300 Schubert Les Fifres du régiment, Op.295 1863
1617 Collongues La parisiana 1872
1691 Barbot La charmeuse, Op.105 1874
1702 Collongues L'étoile blanche 1875

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