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Franz Spiess (Franciszek Henryk Spiess, 1806-1847) and Rudolph Friedlein (Rudolf Fryderyk Friedlein, 1811-1873) founded Fr. Spiess & Co. in Warsaw on May 1, 1840 (Allgemeines Adreßbuch 1845). After Spiess' death the name was changed to R. Friedlein (1849 ca.). This firm continued publishing (mainly songs and piano music) up to 1856.

Unknown what, if any, connection R. Friedlein had with the publisher named Friedlein that operated in Kraków in the 1880s. There was also a certain D.E. Friedlein publishing sheet music in Kraków in early 1840s (Hofmeister lists several editions in 1843, 1845 and 1846). Finally, there was Friedlein & Hirsch music publisher in Leipzig.

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  • Fr. Spiess & Co. (Fr. Spiess i Spółki; 1840-1849)
  • R. Friedlein, ci-devant Fr. Spiess & Co. (1849-)
  • R. Friedlein


  • Warsaw, Senatorska 126

Plate Numbers

Spiess didn't use plate numbers. R. Friedlein's plate numbers are in the format of R ### F. At first he used big numbers, then began again from R. 1 F. Dates in italics are estimated.

F. Spiess & Co.

Plate Composer Work Year
Dietrich Maria Polka 1845

R. Friedlein

R. #### F. (early)

Plate Composer Work Year
7145 Nowakowski Szkoła na fortepian
7921 Dietrich Valse brillante No.1, Op.20 1849
7922 Dietrich Tarantelle, Op.21 1849
8193 Dietrich Talisman, Op.25 1850/51

R. ### F. (later)

Plate Composer Work Year
0001 Wielhorski 2 Valses, Op.21 1850
0003 Lubomirski Niepewność, Op.18
0004 Lubomirski Czwarty stycznia, op.20
0005 Lubomirski Causerie Polka, Op.23
0006 Lubomirski Catherina-Contredanses, Op.25
0007 Lubomirski Magyar-Polka, Op.29 1851
0008 Lubomirski 2 Mazurkas, Op.30
0009 Lubomirski Pieśń z wieży, Op.15
0010 Lubomirski Zawsze i wszędzie, Op.12
0011 Lubomirski La Rosa e la Croce, Op.13
0013 Lubomirski Gwiazdka, Op.22
0014 Lubomirski El sospeto, Op.16
0015 Lubomirski Im Herbst, Op.17
0016 Lubomirski 3 Marches, Op.24
0017 Lubomirski Odgłos z nad Horynia, Op.19
0018 Lubomirski La Partenza, Op.28 1850
0019 Lubomirski Pochód kozacki, Op.21
0021 Lubomirski Stanislaus-Walzer, Op.26
0022 Lubomirski Theresa-Walzer, Op.31
0023 Lubomirski Dolina Szwajcarska, Op.32
0024 Lubomirski Pochód kozacki No.2, Op.33 1851
0025 Chopin 2 Mazurkas, B.16 1851
0035 Lubomirski U nas inaczéj, Op.37
0036 Lubomirski Mazurek from 'Il Barbiere di Siviglia', Op.38 1851
0038 Moniuszko Vilanella pour le piano
0043 Kontski Mazourka champêtre, Op.4 (for piano solo) 1852
0053 Lubomirski Mazurek harmonijny, Op.39
0054 Lubomirski Wspomnienie chwili w Warszawie, Op.40
0056 Lubomirski Felix-Polka, Op.41
0067 Moniuszko 3 Valses
0069 Lubomirski Nie płacz dziewczę, Op.42
0074 Lubomirski Glos do brzegu Słuczy, Op.44
0078 Lubomirski Marynia Polka, Op.45 1853
0079 Lubomirski Wspomnienie Warszawy, Op.46 1853
0081 Lubomirski Dwie rany, Op.47
0083 Kontski Ne m'oubliez pas, Op.152 1853
0109 Lubomirski La Consolazione, Op.49
0113 Kontski Le Diable, Op.9 (arr. for piano)
0114 Kontski Wanda, Op.10 (arr. for piano)
0118 Kontski Stefan Batory, Op.12 (arr. for piano)
00125 Karasowski Sen, Op.2 1856
00129 Kania 3 Zadumki wieczorne, Op.9
0135 Krzyżanowski Andante cantabile, Op.17 1856
0136 Kontski Obertas, Op.13
0145 Lubomirski Marie, Op.52
0149 Krzyżanowski Romance, Op.18 1857
0154 Modzelewski Le Passé, Op.6


Plate Composer Work Year
0129 Nowakowski Ballade, Op.34 1850

No plate numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
Dietrich Contredanses on themes from 'Martha'
Dietrich La Suppliante 1849
Mikuli Mazurka, Op.3

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