Rudolph Werckmeister



In 1802, Rudolf Werckmeister founded a music lending library in Oranienburg (north of Berlin), and began publishing music in 1803. In January 1806, Werckmeister moved his business to Berlin (Jägerstraße). The economic situation due to the Napoleonic Wars led Werckmeister to sell the publishing business in 1809, though he continued the lending library until 1813.
Plates are numbered; the last known plate number is 238 (E.T.A. Hoffmann's 3 Canzonettes, 1808).
Dates can be estimated by plate numbers: 12-17 = 1803; 41-71 = 1804; 79-112 = 1805; 122-182 = 1806



  • au Bureau de Musique de Rodolphe Werckmeister à Orangebourg
  • Oranienburg, Bureau de Musique von Rudolph Werckmeister
  • Berlin, bei Rodolphe Werckmeister

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