Carlo Schmidl (1930s)
Typical Schmidl cover (1910s)
Typical Universal Edition ex-Schmidl cover (1910s)



In 1889 Carlo Schmidl (1859-1943) of Trieste (now Italy, then Austro-Hungary) founded Carlo Schmidl & Co. which took over the publisher Fondaco Vicentini the next year. Fondaco Vicentini was a music store and print firm started in 1813 by Domenico Del Maschio from Vicenza, known as el Vicentin. On his death in 1846, his widow had continued the business, and later employed the young Schmidl from 1872.

Schmidl operated his firm independently for only 13 years, selling it to Ricordi of Milan in 1902, but continued to work in the Leipzig branch of Ricordi until 1906. Schmidl published many popular hits such as the Drdla Serenades for violin and piano. In addition Schmidl edited the authoritative Italian language dictionary of music. Ricordi later sold Schmidl to Universal, Vienna. The Schmidl name appeared on covers at least up to 1914. Carlo Schimidl gave his collection of art works and musical items to his native city in 1924, and the Municipal Theater Museum Carlo Schmidl has existed since 1947.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies

  • Trieste
  • Bologna
  • Vienna

Plate Numbers

Standard (Sch./C. Sch.) Plates

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Plate Composer Work Year
2374 Martucci 2 Romances, Op.72 (No.1)
3485 Drdla Serenade No.1 for Violin and Piano ( by Becker) 1905
4019 Tartini Violin Sonata in D minor, B.d4 (Angelelli/Pente ed.) 1908
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Authority control

  • VIAF (C. Schmidl & Co.)