Drdla cover (1908)
popular cover (1908)
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post Universal takeover cover (1930s)



This firm published both popular and serious works mainly for voice from 1906 to about 1930, when it was taken over by Universal. Its main composers were František Alois Drdla (1868—1944) (violin) Joseph Marx (1882—1964) (mainly songs), Ralph Benatzky (1884-1957) (couplets, operettas), Robert Stolz (operettas), and Ernst Boehe (1880—1938) (orchestral).

The last scores to appear were: Hanns Holenia's (1890-1972) Fünf Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Klavierbegleitung ; Op.1 (1919), 5 Gesänge aus dem "Irrgarten der Liebe" v. Otto Julius Bierbaum Op.3. (1919), and the last book: Bondi, Samuel Das natürliche Studium der Kreutzer-Etüden (1928).


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  • Schuberthaus-Verlag


  • Leipzig Hospitalstr. 10
  • Vienna Wahringerstr. 17

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Plate Numbers

  • The letters Sch. ### V were usually included as part of the plate numbering scheme
Plate Composer Work Year
116 Drdla Illusion, Op.48 1908
117-119 Stöhr 3 Lieder, Op.21 1909
135 Drdla Ritornell, Op.57 1909
136 Drdla Rokoko, Op.54 1909
140 Boehe Symphonischer Epilog zu einer Tragödie, Op.11 1909
280 Boehe Tragische Ouvertüre, Op.10 1911
311 Marx Ballade for Piano Quartet 1912
312 Marx Klavierquartett in Form einer Rhapsodie 1912
313 Marx Scherzo für Klavierquartett 1912
320 Marx Herbstchor an Pan (vocal score) 1912

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