Supplementary Materials for Basic Music Skills (Shannon, William R.)

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Publisher. Info. William R. Shannon
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General Information

Work Title Supplementary Materials for Basic Music Skills
Alternative. Title
Composer Shannon, William R.
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. 5th edition
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IWS 11
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 47
  1. A1 Name the Notes
  2. A2 Name the Notes
  3. A3 Name the Notes
  4. A4 Key Names Practice
  5. A5 Note Identification: Flats
  6. A6 Note Identification: Sharps
  7. A7 Name the Keys
  8. A8 Note Values Examples
  9. A9 Note Math Exercise
  10. A10 Note Identification Sharps & Flats
  11. A11 Rhythm Exercise
  12. A12 Meters Examples
  13. A13 Meters Identification Exercise
  14. A14 Draw-In Barlines Exercise
  15. B1 4/4 2-Part Rhythmic Exercise
  16. B2 Modes Examples
  17. B3 Build Major Scales
  18. B4 Meters Identification Exercise
  19. B5 Rhythm Exercise
  20. B6 Rhythm Exercise
  21. B7 Build Minor Scales
  22. B8 Name the Parts
  23. B9 2/4 2-Part Rhythmic Exercise
  24. B10 Key Signatures Practice: Treble
  25. B11 Key Signatures Practice: Bass
  26. B12 Key Signatures Identification
  27. B13 Major Scales & Key Signatures
  28. B14 Natural Minor Scales & Key Signatures
  29. B15 Scales & Keys Practice
  30. C1 Basic Intervals Exercise
  31. C2 Examples of Intervals
  32. C3 Name the Intervals
  33. C4 Name the Intervals
  34. C5 Name the Parts Practice
  35. C6 Answers to Intervals & Parts
  36. C7 Road Map Examples
  37. C8 2/4 2-Part Rhythmic Exercise
  38. C9 Draw-In Barlines Exercise
  39. C10 Examples of Expression Marks
  40. C11 3/4 2-Part Rhythmic Exercise
  41. C12 Changing Keys Example
  42. C13 Name the Intervals Practice
  43. C14 3/4 & 6/8 2-Part Rhythmic Exercise
  44. C15 Meters Identification Exercise
  45. C16 Some Chord Basics
  46. C17 Simple Chord Accompaniment
  47. C18 Blank Staff Paper: 20 pages
First Publication. 2008
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Modern
Piece Style Modern
Instrumentation music theory writings

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'Supplementary Materials for Basic Music Skills' is a series of graded examples and exercises for use with a teacher that are designed to develop music reading skills and to prepare students for entry into college music theory courses.