Talk:Symphony No.88 in G major, Hob.I:88 (Haydn, Joseph)

Kalmus Reprint - Score and Parts

Notes by the uploader
The score of this work was a dreadful reprint. The images on the pages were small, warped and probably taken from a badly printed original. Most of the parts were acceptable, however.
I have copied bowings from the parts into the score. I have also made staccato markings consistent between the score and parts. Note that the original editing is not particularly consistent, but the conductor can now see how the parts may differ from each other by looking at the score.
There are more bowings marked in the Violin 1 part than in the Violin 2 part. Many unison passages have markings only in the Violin 1 part. The concert master may wish to make these consistent between the firsts and seconds.

Note to conductor: The score has bar numbers and rehearsal letters - the players parts have rehearsal letters only.

Printing the score and parts

The score is optimised for 'LEGAL' size paper. The parts are optimized for metric 'A4' paper. To print on other sizes of paper, make sure your PDF reader software is set to print to the printer's paper size (on Adobe Acrobat Reader set Page Scaling: Fit to printable area)

Errata and Misprints

  • Bassoon 1
movement 2 [C]+4, removed first p
movement 4 bar 20, removed pp
  • Oboe 1
movement 2 [B]+20, sf changed to mf
  • Oboe 2
movement 1 [A]-6 and [A]-5, G changed to G#