The Indians' Book (Burlin, Natalie Curtis)

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Editor Foreword by Hiamovi, Chief among the Cheyennes and the Dakotas
Publisher. Info. New York and London: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1907.
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General Information

Work Title The Indians' Book
Alternative. Title The Indians' book: an offering by the American Indians of Indian lore, musical and narrative, to form a record of the songs and legends of their race
Composer Burlin, Natalie Curtis
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 105 songs:
  1. Penobscot Song of Greeting 1-2
  2. Passamaquoddy Song of Greeting
  3. Penobscot Barter Dance-Song
  4. Penobscot War-Dance Song
  5. Penobscot Dance-Song
  6. Penobscot Medicine-Song
  7. Maliseet Dance-Song
  8. Passamaquoddy Dance-Song 1-3
  9. Maliseet Love-Song
  1. Wanagi Wacipi Olowan. Song of the Spirit-Dance (Ghost-Dance Song) 1-3
  2. Wicasa-Atawan Olowan. Song of the Seer
  3. Sunka Olowan. Song of the Dog Society
  4. Tasunke-ska Olowan. Song of the White-Horse Society
  5. Tokala Olowan. Song of the Fox Society
  6. Tokala Wacipi Olowan. Dance-Song of the Fox Society
  7. Wakan Olowan. Holy Song (Medicine-Song)
  8. Olowan. Song
  9. Omaha Wacipi Olowan. Omaha Dance-Song 1-2
  10. Wioste Olowan. Love Song 1-5
  11. Sunka Olowan. Song of the Dog-Feast
  12. Okicize Olowan. War-Song
  1. Tawi' Kuruks. Song of the Bear Society 1-2
  2. Iruska. Song of the Iruska 1-2
  3. Iruska. Song of the Iruska 3 (War-Dance Song)
  4. Iruska. Song of the Iruska 4 (Song of the Corn-Offering)
  5. Hao-Wari. Lullaby
  6. Skiriki. Coyote Warrior-Song
  7. Sakipiriru. Young Dog Dance-Song
  8. Kisaka. Song of Rejoicing and Thanksgiving
  9. Kisaka. Woman's Song of Rejoicing
  10. Kitzichta. Song of the Lance Ceremony
  11. Kehare Katzaru. Song of the Spirit-Dance (Ghost-Dance Song) 1-4
  1. Ohwiwi No-otz. Song of the Offering Ceremony (Sun-Dance Song)
  2. Mahoeva No-otz. Buffalo-Dance Song
  3. Wuchtchse Etan No-otz. Song of the Red Fox Society
  4. Hinimiyotzu. Song of the Bow and Arrow Society
  5. Hohiotsitsi No-otz. Morning Song
  6. Aotzi No-otz. Song of Victory 1-3
  7. Nai No-otz. Song of Healing (Medicine-Song)
  8. Wawahi No-otz. Swinging Song
  9. Meshivotzi No-otz. Baby Song (Lullaby)
  10. Nu-u-sinim No-otz. Hand-Game Song 1-6
  11. Mata No-otz. Song of the Mescal Rite 1-3
  1. Hasse-hi Naad. Song of the Buffalo-Hide Ceremony 1-2
  2. Hache-hi Naad, Jachu-Naad. Wolf-Song, or Comanche-Song
  3. Kainawad Naad. Song of the Spirit-Dance (Ghost-Dance Song)
  4. Ho Nawad Naad. Crow-Dance Song
  5. Nakahu Naad. Lullaby
  6. Hachayachu Naad. Song of the Mescal Rite
  7. Gochoti Naad. Hand-Game Song
  8. Hichaächuthi. Song of the Club Society
  1. Gomda Daagya. Wind-Song 1-3
  2. Song of the Mescal Rite
  3. Koalda Daagya. Begging-Song
  4. T'äpk'o Daagya. Song of the Antelope Ceremony
  5. Okum Daagya. Lullaby 1-2
  6. Gwu Daagya. War-Path Song
  1. Wash-ching-geka Nawa' Nina. Song of the Hare
  2. Wi-la Na-wa' Ni-na. Song of the Sun
  3. Wai-Kun. Fable
  4. Ma-o-na. Song to the Earth-Maker
  5. Mun-Kun Na-wan. Holy Song (Medicine-Song)
  6. Hi-wa-shi-da. Dance following the Holy Song
  7. Mun-Kun Na-wan. Holy Song (Medicine-Song) 2
  8. He-lush-ka Na-wan. Warrior-Song 1-6
  9. Wa-gi-tt'eh Na-wan. Wailing Song
  10. Wak-je Na-wan. Victory Song
  11. Wunk-hi Na-wan. Love Song 1-2
  1. Klawulacha. Song of the Totem-Pole
  2. Cradle Song
  1. Chuhwuht. Song of the World
  2. Chuhtek-Ohohik Nieh. Bluebird Song
  3. Huhwuhli Nieh. Wind-Song (Medicine-Song)
  1. Medicine-Song
  2. Song
  3. Dance-Song
  1. Dance-Song 1-2
  2. Samadia-Suan. Medicine Song 1-2
  1. Arowp. Song of the Mocking-Bird
  1. Dsichl Biyin. Mountain-Song
  2. Dsichl Biyin. Mountain-Songs
  3. Hogan Biyin. Song of the Hogans
  4. Hlin Biyin. Song of the Horse
  5. Naye-e Sin. War-Song
  6. Tro Hatal. Song of the Rain-Chant
  7. Kledzhi Hatal. Dance-Song from the Ceremony of the Night-Chant 1-3
  8. Dsichlyidje Hatal
  9. Dinni-e Sin. Hunting Song
  10. Naestsan Biyin. Song of the Earth
  1. Ockaya. Corn-Grinding Song 1-3
  2. Shoko Otiïkwe. Corn-Dance Song
  3. Thlah Hewe. Song of the Blue-Corn Dance
San Juan
  1. Medicine-Song. From San Juan Pueblo
  1. Yaka-Hano Gatzina Yoni. Corn-People Gatzina Song 1-3
  1. Aiya Gaïtani Yoni. Corn-Grinding Song 1-2
  2. Song
  1. Wuwuchim Tawi. Wuwuchim-Chant
  2. Puwuch Tawi. Lullaby
  3. Poli Tiwa Tawi. Butterfly-Dance Song
  4. Anga Katzina Tawi. Anga Katzina Song
  5. Korosta Katzina Tawi. Korosta Katzina Song
  6. He-hea Katzina Tawi. He-hea Katzina Song
  7. Hevebe Tawi. Hevebe-Song 1-2
  8. Lene Tawi. Flute-Song
First Publication. 1907
Language English; Native American languages: Wabanaki, Dakota, Pawnee, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa, Winnebago, Kwakiutl, Pima, Apache, Mojave-Apache, Yuma, Navajo, Zuñi, San Juan Pueblan, Acoma, Laguna, Hopi
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Early 20th century
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation voice

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There are no 2- or 3-letter language codes for Wabanaki, Pawnee, Kiowa, Winnebago, Kwakiutl, Pima, Mojave (though this might be a subset of Apache), Yuma, San Juan Pueblan, Acoma, Laguna, or Hopi.