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This Amsterdam firm published mainly the works of Dutch composers such as van Bree and Verhulst from at least 1830 to 1858.

Possibly sold to, or became, G. Alsbach & Co. sometime after 1865? (A fair number of the latter's publications seem to be reprints?/new editions? of Theune issues.)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Theune


  • Amsterdam, Kalverstraat

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
T.C.019 Bériot Air with Variations No.5, Op.7 (arr. pf. solo by Wilms) 1832
T.C.164 Bree String Quartet No.2 (pts) 1840
T.C.265 Berlyn String Quartet No.1, Op.39 (pts) 1841
T.C.478 Bree String Quartet No.3 (pts) 1850
T.C.611 Verhulst Psalm 145, Op.45 (vocal score) 1853
T.C.645 Verhulst Mass in E major, Op.50 (first edition, score) 1853
T.C.655 Verhulst Requiem, Op.51 (vocal score) 1854
T.C.728 Bree Allegro for 4 String Quartets (pts?) 1858

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