An English family of string instrument makers, printers and publishers who were active in the from the mid-18th century until the first decade of the 19th century. The enterprise started in 1741 by Peter Thompson who acquired the business of John Young, who died about a decade earlier. Thompson seems to have been an apprentice or associate of Young's. The premises, remaining plates and stock in trade were sold to Purday & Button ca.1805.



  • West End of St. Paul's Church Yard
  • at the Dolphin in St. Paul's Church Yard
  • North West corner of St. Paul's Church Yard
Violin and Hautboy
Violin, Hautboy, and German Flute
Violin and German Flute
Violin, German Flute and Hautboy
Viol and Hautboy
  • 75, St. Paul's Church Yard


  • Thompson
  • Messrs. Thompson (ca.1780-1795)
  • Thompson's Warehouse (ca.1780-1795)
  • Peter Thompson (ca.1746-1757)
  • Mr. Thompson
  • Thompson & Son (ca.1757-1761)
  • Charles & Ann Thompson (ca.1758)
  • Mrs. Thompson and Son
  • Thompson & Sons (ca.1761-1763)
  • Charles & Samuel Thompson (ca.1763-1776)
  • Samuel Thompson (ca.1776-1777)
  • Samuel & Ann Thompson (ca.1777-1779)
  • Samuel, Ann, & Peter Thompson (ca.1779-1793)
  • Samuel, Ann, Peter, & Henry Thompson (ca.1793-1794)
  • Samuel, Ann, & Henry Thompson (ca.1794-1795)
  • Ann & Henry Thompson (1795-ca.1798)
  • Henry Thompson (ca.1798-1805)

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