Thompson & Odell's Folio Edition


Issued by Thompson & Odell of Boston. As stated on the cover page: "The FOLIO EDITION of our celebrated Orchestra Publications will contain only the very best compositions and arrangements of the most popular authors and writers. Every number arranged so as to be effective with five or more instruments, or with Violin, Cornet and Piano."


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Number Title Composer Arranger Publication Date Notes
1 Grand Selection from Boccaccio Suppé Wadsworth
2 Prinz Methusalem Overture Strauss, J. Carter, T.M. 1881
3 Grand Selection from The Pirates of Penzance Sullivan Wadsworth
4 Grand Selection from Olivette Audran Catlin 1881
5 Lustpiel Overture Kéler
6 Grand Selection from Mascot Audran Catlin
7 Grand Selection from Patience Sullivan Catlin 1882
8 Diamond Overture Rollinson
9 Silver Wedding Overture Schlepegrell
10 Grand Selection from Iolanthe Sullivan Catlin 1883
11 Serenade Spintler, Cha. Cornet or trombone solo; Full orchestra does not include oboe or bassoon
11 Gavotte, "Duchess of Albany" Abecasis, S. Full orchestra does not include oboe or bassoon
12 Southern Pastimes, Medley Overture Catlin 1883
13 Home Memories, Medley Overture Catlin 1883
14 The Tourist, Overture Schlepegrell 1883
15 Paola Gavotte Catlin 1883
15 Osceola Polonaise Catlin 1883
16 Caledonian Club Parade Tracy 1884
16 Wi Schon Bist Du Nesvadba 1884
17 My Own Gavotte Catlin 1884
17 Ring the Bell Softly, Paraphrase Catlin 1884
18 Grand Selection from "Trip to Africa" Suppé Catlin
19 Emma Waltz Puerner Cornet solo
19 Non e Ver Mattei Song for cornet
19 Looking Back Sullivan Song for cornet
20 Le Chavalier Breton Overture Herman, A. Full orchestra does not include oboe or bassoon
21 Spanish Dance Jonas 1885
21 Wedding March, Americani Jonas 1885