Thompson & Odell's Select Publications for Orchestra


A catalog of orchestral music issued by Thompson & Odell beginning in 1875. The works were arranged for a small orchestra of nine parts consisting of first and second violins, viola, bass, flute, clarinet, 2 cornets, and trombone. Many works were also made available for a "full" orchestra (noted in the table below) with the following additional parts: cello, second clarinet, first and second horns, and drums (often including triangle). Most works also included a piano part. According to the publisher's catalog: "Every number is arranged to be played with five parts, with good effect." (Which five of the nine parts would that be?). The source for the catalog listing below only covered to the year 1885 and so any works issued subsequent to that year are missing.


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Number Title Composer Arranger Full Orchestra Publication Date Notes
1 Friederiken Tanz Waltz Scheriner No piano part.
2 Profile Galop Mullaly, W.S. Written at the Profile House. No piano part
3 Cagliastro Quadrille Strauss, J. No piano part.
4 Our Own Quadrille Catlin Yes 1875 Written expressly for us. No piano part.
5 Silver Star Waltzes Braham, John Yes No piano part.
6 Our Friends Galop Catlin Yes No piano part.
6 Our Friends Schottische, Op.65 Catlin Yes No piano part.
7 Our Friends Waltzes Catlin Yes 1876 No piano part.
8 Amy Mazurka, Op.63 Catlin Yes No piano part.
8 Hard Pan March, Op.62 Catlin Yes No piano part.
9 Joyful Companion Quadrille Hermann, A. No piano part.
10 Maguinnis Guards Quadrille Medley Braham, John No piano part.
11 The First Kiss Waltz Lamothe No piano part.
12 After Supper Quadrille Wadsworth No piano part.
13 Natty Bumppo Quadrille Catlin Yes 1877 No piano part.
14 Buckley's Minstrels Quadrille Catlin No piano part.
15 Cocagnol Quadrille Hermann, A. No piano part.
16 Schoolcraft & Coes Quadrille Braham, John Medley of their popular songs. No piano part.
17 Killarney Quadrille Braham, John Medley of popular Irish songs of the day. No piano part.
18 The Village Bells Polka. Characteristic Wadsworth No piano part.
18 The Two Amis Schottische Wadsworth Easy solo for cornet and trombone. No piano part.
19 Trial by Jury Quadrille Wadsworth No piano part.
20 Arabesken Quadrille Budik No piano part.
21 Overture. The Fiddler of St. Waast Hermann, A. Yes
22 Jubel Fest Quadrille Latann No piano part.
23 Evangeline Quadrille Braham, John From Rice's American Opera Bouffe. No piano part.
24 Overture. Golden Crown Hermann, A. Yes
25 Schottische Medley Wadsworth Four numbers. Celebrated songs and dances. No piano part.
26 Le Petit Corsair. Quadrille Braham, John From Rice's American Opera Bouffe. No piano part.
27 Corinne Polka Clements, Geo. Yes solo for clarinet.
28 Tony Pastor's Overture Quadrille Wadsworth No piano part.
29 Flowers of St. Peterburg. Walzes Resch Yes
30 Interpretationen (or Cleopatra) Waltzes Strauss, E.
31 Babes in the Wood. Quadrille Catlin
32 Marlborough Club Lanciers Wadsworth
33 Chimes of Normandy Waltzes Damm, A.
34 Nancy Lee Quadrille Damm, A.
35 Chimes of Normandy Quadrille Damm, A.
36 Fairy Queen Galop and Euturpe Polka Wadsworth
37 Secret Love (Heimlich Liebe) Gavotte and Leemarion Mazurka Brillante Richardson, J. Howard
38 Louisette Polka Janbert, E. Yes clarinet solo
39 Before Supper Quadrille Wadsworth
40 Little Duke Quadrille Wadsworth From the celebrated comic opera Le Petite Duc
41 Polka Boston Bells / Little Rogue Schottische Damm, August
42 Cleoparta Polka (Fantasia) Damare, E. As played by Walter Emerson , solo cornetist of Gilmore's Band
43 H.M.S. Pinafore Quadrille Damm, August From Arthur Sullivan's Comic Opera
44 The Lyre of Gold Overture Hermann, A.
45 Grand Selection from Favorita Donizetti
46 The Sorcerer Quadrille Catlin From comic opera by Arthur Sullivan
47 The Pearls of Gold Overture Ouvier, E.
48 The Belles of Edinboro' Quadrille, Caledonian Catlin Yes 1878 Arranged from popular Scotch songs
49 Lebenslust Overture Latann, C. A smart, bright and easy overture in the German Style
50 Grand Selection from Chimes of Normandy Mullaly Yes
51 H.M.S. Pinafore Waltzes Catlin Yes 1879 Based on music from H.M.S. Pinafore by Arthur Sullivan
52 Bonnie Scotland, Overture Catlin Yes 1879
53 Visions in a Dream (Traumgebilde) Waltzes Strauss, E. Yes
54 Dreams of Home Waltzes Warren Yes
55 Pretty as a Picture, Medley Overture Catlin Yes 1879
56 Home from Camp March Catlin Yes
56 Softly Rang the Bells of Heaven. Song for Cornet Catlin Yes
57 Overture L'Espoir de Alsace (Hope of Alsace) Hermann, A. Yes
58 By and By Mazurka Catlin Yes 1879
58 Polo Galop Catlin Yes 1879
59 Fatinitza March Wadsworth Yes
59 The Cascades Polka Wadsworth Yes
60 Gus Williams Medley Quadrille Catlin Yes 1879
61 Fatinitza Quadrille Catlin Yes
62 Harvard Boys Quadrille Catlin Yes 1879
63 H.M.S. Pinafore Lancers Quadrille Catlin Yes
64 Phantome Waltz Gungl Yes Introduction, 5 numbers, and coda
65 Freudenklänge (Sounds of Joy) Waltzes Resch Richardson Yes 1879
66 Bohemian Girl Overture Mullaly Yes
67 Nibelungen March Mullaly Yes 1880 Based on themes by Richard Wagner
67 Pretty as a Picture Schottische Wadsworth Yes 1880
68 Royal Arcanum Lancers Wadsworth Yes
69 Concert Aria Walzer Kemmlein, Chas. Yes Clarinet solo.
70 Brightest Days Galop Michaelis Rietzel, Wm. Yes
70 Turkish Reveille Michaelis
71 Benefice Quadrille Resch Bagley, E.M. 1879
72 Good Old Times Gavotte Jungmann Richardson, J.H. Yes
72 Czardas, Hungarian Dance Hasselmann, E. Catlin Yes
73 Lieder Quadrille Strauss Patz, G.A.
74 Silver Stream Polka Rollinson Yes Cornet solo.
75 Flora Quadrille Strauss, J.
76 Grand Selection from La Vestale Mercadante Wadsworth Yes
77 Grand Selection from Lurline Wallace, W.V. Wadsworth Yes
78 Dancing in the Barn Schottische Ernst, Henri Yes
78 Chinese March. Characteristic Catlin Yes
79 The Wren Polka Damare, E. Yes Piccolo solo.
80 Overture La Flandre (sp?) Boullon Yes
81 Illusion Waltzes Capitani, G.C. Richardson, J.H. Yes
82 Snow Flake (Schnegllocken) Waltzes Resch Yes
83 Pictures of the North Sea (Nordseebilder) Strauss, J. Yes
84 Overture Le Petit Corsair Rice and Braham Yes
85 Anticipation Quadrille Schlepegrell Yes 1880
86 Flirtation Quadrille Schlepegrell Yes
87 Consummation Quadrille Schlepegrell Yes
88 Congratulation Quadrille Schlepegrell Yes
89 Strolling in the Woodland. Schottische Rice Wadsworth Yes From Rice's "Revels"
89 Bella Bocca Polka Waldteufel Yes
90 Overture Aurora Schlepegrell Yes
91 Turkey's Patrol Schlieffarth, Geo. Yes A parody.
91 Boccaccio March Suppe, Franz von Yes
92 Lawn Tennis Lancers Wadsworth Yes
93 Tears of Love (Larmes d'amour) Lamothe Yes
94 Golden Robin Polka Bosquet, N. Yes For 2 piccolos or 2 cornets
95 Die Hydropaten Waltzes Gungl Yes
96 Imogene Polka Mazurka Schlepegrell Yes 1880
96 Minnie Schottische Schlepegrell Yes 1880
97 Pirates of Penzance Quadrille Catlin Yes
98 Donna Juanita Quadrille Braham, John Yes
99 Violettes Walztes Waldteufel Davenport, Ambrose Yes
100 Olivette Quadrille Catlin Yes
101 Olivette Waltzes Catlin Yes
102 Billie Taylor Quadrille Catlin Yes
103 Bright Light Medley Quadrille Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1880.
104 Espanola Mazurka Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1880.
104 Darling Mignonette Schottische Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1880.
105 Boccaccio Quadrille Catlin Yes
106 Park Lanciers Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1880.
107 I'll Meet You Dar, Medley Quadrille Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1880.
108 Pirates of Penzance Waltzes Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1881. Based on music from The Pirates of Penzance by Arthur Sullivan
109 Groves of Blarney Quadrille Catlin Yes Self published by Catlin in 1881.
110 Mascot Quadrille Catlin Yes
111 Lillian Waltzes Catlin Yes 1881
112 Why Not Galop Schlepegrell Yes
112 Tik Tak Polka Schlepegrell Yes
113 Galoubet Polka Lagard Yes Cornet and Piccolo duo.
114 Patience Quadrille Catlin Yes
115 Madeleine Waltzes Waldteufel Yes
116 The New Plantation Quadrille Schlepegrell Yes 1881
117 Roses and Lillies Polka Rollinson Yes
117 Fly Forth O Gentle Dove Wadsworth Yes
117 Allie O'Neil Wadsworth Yes
118 Anna Galop Catlin Yes 1882
118 Lea Mazurka Catlin Yes 1882
119 Whip-poor Will Quadrille Schlepegrell Yes 1882
120 Enchantment Polka Rollinson Yes 1882 Cornet solo.
120 Once Again, Song for Cornet Sullivan Yes 1882
120 If on the Meads, Song for Cornet Gumbert Yes 1882
121 Dolores Lancers Catlin Yes 1882
122 Imperial March Schlepegrell Yes 1883
122 Sauterelle Polka Steiner Yes 1883
123 Quadrille "Over the Garden Wall" Catlin Yes
124 Iolanthe Quadrille Catlin Yes
125 She's Such a Love. Song and Dance/Schottische
Carrots. Song and Dance/Schottische
Catlin Yes 1883
126 Admiration. Quadrille Rollinson Yes
127 Alma. Polka
Aesthetic. Schottische
Jonas, Ernst
Rowell, G.H.
128 Sea Flower. Polka
That I Alone Can Know. Song
Some Day. Song
Rollinson (Sea Flower) Wadsworth Yes
129 Marcella Waltzes Abecasis, S. Yes
130 When Robins Nest Again Waltzes. Medley Waltzes Catlin Yes 1884
131 Trip to Africa. Quadrille Catlin Yes
132 See Saw Waltzes Ernst-Harmon Yes
133 My Queen Waltzes Bucalossi Yes
134 The Chaser. Galop
May Blossoms. Mazurka
Catlin Yes
135 Artist's Galop Catlin Yes 1885
135 Park March Catlin Yes 1885
138 La Selecta Galop Catlin Yes 1885
138 Love of Nature Mazurka Catlin Yes 1885