Tygodnik Muzyczny

Supplement to No.1 (1820)



The journal was published in Warsaw (Russian Empire) by Karol Kurpiński in 1820 (Tygodnik Muzyczny) and 1821 (Tygodnik Muzyczny i Dramatyczny). Some issues included only text articles, but others had small (usually 1 or 2 pages) sheet music supplements. Most of the works published were composed by Kurpiński himself.

No.26 of 1820 containes a complete list of operas staged in Polish language in Teatr Warszawski (1778—1820).



  • There was no publisher, but engraver was often indicated in the score.


1 - w Składzie sztuk pięknych w Warszawie
3-7, 13-17, 26 - A. Płachecki
9-11, 19-25 - not indicated


Only issues with sheet music supplement are listed.

1820: Tygodnik Muzyczny
No.1 (May 5) - Kurpiński: Polonaise in A minor
No.3 (May 17) - Kurpiński: Kalmora. Kalmora's Dumka (vocal score)
No.5 (May 31) - Kurpiński: Nadgroda. Overture (piano score)
No.7 (June 14) - Kurpiński: Dumanie nad mogiłą Wandy
No.9 (June 27) - Boieldieu: Le petit chaperon rouge. Dance song with polish text (vocal score)
No.11 (July 12) - Anonymous (K...a): Valse in C major
No.13 (July 26) - Kurpiński: Chwila snu okropnego
No.15 (August 9) - Kurpiński: Mars i Flora. March (piano score)
No.17 (August 23) - Anonymous: Mazurek and Anglaise
No.19 (September 6) - Carafa: Adele di Lusignano. (O cara memoria – vocal score with Polish text)
No.21 (September 20) - Damse: Polonaise in C major
No.23 (October 4) - Kurpiński: Próżno na piasek słońce szle oświaty
No.25 (October 18) - Anonymous (L.Ł.): 2 Valses
No.26 (October 25) - Kurpiński: Elegy on the Death of Tadeusz Kościuszko
1821: Tygodnik Muzyczny i Dramatyczny