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Peter talk


Quarantine life, and no rehearsals, means time to help (what little I can) with this beloved project that I once was much more involved in, starting 14 years ago!
Right now: updating a lot of the Peters editions of German Lieder, hopefully adding all the various keys and voices for Schumann and Schubert (depending on what volumes I can access).
Other projects will include adding new scores (a few volumes from my library), trying to re-organize the Brahms Lieder pages (now a mess), and extracting popular opera arias, so singers and pianists can easily find arias they need from Public Domain sources (without having to download entire acts or scores -- saves on time, and bandwidth!).

Scratchpad: Catalog

Numbers refer to LoC classifications.

Instrumental music

Solo instruments
Original works
8 Sonatas
9 Suites and variations
10 Fugues with or without preludes
11 Other and seperate works
11.2 Pedal pieces
[13 Arrangements]
14.3 Liturgical music
14.5 Works for special seasons and occasions
14.85 Works for electronic organ
17 Original compositions
19 Arrangements
Piano (in general, includes non-wind operated keyboard instruments with actions, including harpsichord, clavichord, etc.)
Original compositions
23 Sonatas
24 Suites and kindred cyclical works
25 General
25.2 Works for double keyboard or other key device
25.3 Works for two pianos, one performer
Works for piano, 1 hand
26 Left hand
26.2 Right hand
27 Theme and variations
28 Marches
30 General
31 Two-rhythm
32 Three-rhythm
Arrangements (Including transcriptions)
Operas, oratorios, cantatas, ballets, and other large-scale stage works
33 General
33.5 Excerpts
34 Transcriptions, paraphrases of the same (generally for concert purposes, but NOT potpourris, medleys, fantasias, etc. [see 39])
Orchestra and band music
35 General
35.5 Excerpts
37 General
37.5 Excerpts
Chamber music, part-songs, and music for one instrument
38.2 Pieces for double keyboard or other key device
38.3 Simplified editions of piano music for two hands
38.5 Songs
39 Potpourris, medleys, fantasies, etc. (including transcriptions of orchestral potpourris, medleys, fantasias...)
String instruments
42 Original works
[44 Arrangements]
44.3 Simplified editions
47 Original works
[49 Arrangments]
52 Original works
[54 Arrangments]
54.3 Simplified editions
Double bass
57 Original works
[58 Arrangements]
59 Other string instrument (specific sub-listing available)
59.5 Unspecified string instrument
Wind instruments
62 Original Works
[64 Arrangements]
67 Original Works
[69 Arrangements]
72 Original Works
[74 Arrangements]
77 Original Works
[79 Arrangements]
82 Original Works
[84 Arrangements]
Trumpet or cornet
87 Original Works
[89 Arrangements]
92 Original Works
[94 Arrangements]
97 Original Works
[99 Arrangements]
102 Original Works
[104 Arrangements]
107 Original Works
[109 Arrangements]
110 Other wind instrument (specific sub-listing available)
111 Unspecified wind instrument
Plectral instruments
117 Original Works
[119 Arrangements]
122 Original Works
[124 Arrangements]
127 Original Works
[129 Arrangements]
132 Original Works
[134 Arrangements]
137 Original Works
[139 Arrangements]
141 Lute
142 Other plectral instrument (specific sub-listing available)
Percussion and other instruments
145 Bagpipe
146 Drum(s), includiing timpani, drumset, side drum, etc.
147 Bells, glockenspiel
153 Whistling pieces
154 Concertina
165 Glass harmonica
172 Carillon or chimes
174 Mechanical instruments (Barrel organ, music box, musical clock)
175.A4 Accordion
175.B2 Bandoneon
175.C44 Celesta
175.C5 Cimbalom
175.D4 Dulcimer
175.H3 Harmonica
175.H9 Hurdy-gurdy
175.M9 Musical saw
175.O5 Ondes martenot
175.X6 Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone
(note: other instrument sub-listings available)
175.5 Unspecified solo instrument

Thus concludes the listings for solo instruments.