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Dates on publications

Dear Albion, You're doing a terrific job with you uploads of English music. The scans are excellent, and it's nice to see some of these works appear. We have our own little rule about dates in the publisher field. Unless a date is printed on the score, you use the abbreviation "n.d." - even if the actual date of publication is known. Most English and European publishers did not put dates on the scores until after 1891, when bilateral copyright treaties were signed between most countries and the USA. In order to secure USA copyright, they had to publish with the required notice (which always included the date). There are some exceptions, of course - Simrock, Rieter-Biedermann and Belaieff all were in the habit of dating their scores even before 1891. So, if you have a piece like the Parry's Eton ode, the publisher citation should read this way - London: Novello & Co., n.d.[1891]. Plate 9170. You always seem to know the dates, which is very helpful. Best Wishes, Carolus 05:23, 22 February 2012 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)