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Dear Nma!
We're sorry to have deleted your upload, but your score was not submitted properly. Please do not use the "upload file" link to upload scores! If you upload scores like this, no one will be able to use your submission! Please read the quick guide to learn how to correctly submit scores. A longer explanation on this can be found in the manual. More details and other ways to use the site can be found at the Contributor Portal.
We look forward to future submissions!
-- Snailey (_@/) Talk to Me Email me 04:02, 4 August 2010 (UTC)

Mozart K.6

Dear Contributor,

You recently submitted a file to Violin Sonata in C major, K.6 (Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus). The file you submitted was a recent arrangement, edition, engraving or typeset, in which there is possible copyright although the original composer might be in the public domain. This file will not be accessible and will be deleted in 24 hours or less as a possible copyright violation unless you declare yourself to be the typesetter, provide written permission by the copyright owner to distribute this file on IMSLP, or proof that the file was released under one of the Creative Commons or similar licenses. Please read this page for more information about copyright on IMSLP. You can provide an answer here in the textbox at the bottom of this page, making sure to click on 'save reply' when you are finished.

If the uploaded file was improperly submitted as a "Normal Scan" and/or categorized as public domain, we reserve the right to delete it immediately if there is no evidence provided that you are the typesetter, or that the file was released under a free license as described above. If the file is actually your own work, you can re-upload it as a "(Re)Typeset" and list your own name as "Editor" and as "Publisher" when uploading again. Due to the moral rights provisions of many countries' copyright laws, it is not really possible for you to designate any new work - even your own typeset - as public domain. The simple "Creative Commons Attribution 4.0" is functionally the equivalent of public domain but meets the minimal requirements (attribution) or the moral rights aspect of various copyright statutes. See our Composer Portal page for a detailed explanation of this issue. Despite what detractors of this site say, IMSLP is very serious about obeying copyright laws.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Carolus 18:12, 23 March 2012 (EDT) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

The score and parts you uploaded for the Leopold Mozart orchestration of the Menuet will have to be deleted very soon unless you indicate that you are the editor and typesetter or provide evidence that the files have been released by the copyright owner for free distribution.

Bach: Brandenburg No.5

Copyright Violation: Bruno Hinze-Reinhold (1877-1964)
Red copyright.png

Please DO NOT add works by Bruno Hinze-Reinhold (1877-1964).
Reason: The arrangement is not public domain and has therefore been deleted. Carolus 18:40, 23 March 2012 (EDT) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

Please visit this page to familiarise yourself with the restrictions on uploads to this website.

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