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4 Trio Sonatas, W.B 30-35 (Bach, Johann Christian)

Hi! Concerning tagging, two things. The reasoning behind the tags on 4 Trio Sonatas, W.B 30-35 (Bach, Johann Christian) is explained in the general information section of the page. Also and maybe more importantly where this site is concerned, well, see the tagging project - please read. If you are interested in participating in tagging/categorizing untagged work pages (and people keep uploading new ones after all, while there are about 3,000 work pages that are still entirely untagged), please do consider offering to volunteer! But please read the documentation and fully join first - there are reasons, as I found out after trying to tag some things myself, truly. Not an arbitrary thing. Thanks and happy contributing! Eric 15:31, 6 December 2010 (UTC)