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Hello Peggy. Congratulations on your first tag! Just a reminder that all tags are case sensitive, and should all be in lower case (no capitals at all). Keep up the good work! — P.davydov 16:36, 19 March 2012 (EDT)

Quick note

When a work is subtitled something like "full anthem for..." and if IMSLP:Tagging doesn't say something to the contrary, then the tag should probably include this as a tag if the tag exists and is more specific than the tag in use, for example (sorry - will try to be more explanatory later.) (IMSLP:Tagging is helpful here because - for example... - well - if a piano solo work has a title or subtitle that mentions "song" then the tag should probably say songs, but not similarly for melodies, because in IMSLP:Tagging songs are ok for instrumental works but melodies are only for vocal ones. Don't know why, but that seems to be consensus :). So made in one work Sacred choruses a little more specific with "Anthems" since the work in question was indeed an anthem. Cheers and thanks (as usual and of course sincerely!) Eric 01:02, 23 March 2012 (EDT)


to both Eric and Davydov for your help here. Am chewing it over and studying the tags.

Only after volunteering for the tagging team did I find out that y'all are professional librarians, to which my first response was, Yikes! My intent in volunteering was to help out since I know you are backlogged. But now that I'm learning the complexities of tagging I'm wondering if the time it takes to answer my questions and correct my mistakes will be greater than if I hadn't done anything! We'll see, I guess. For the present I will concentrate on pieces with simpler instrumentation, that should help.

If nothing else the exercise is giving me a great respect for the tag team :).


User talkless

Hi anyone who reads this,

I don't understand how to use user talk, even less now that I've read a little about user pages (I think that's where user talk happens?) on wikipedia.

E.g., Eric wrote something on my user talk page. Do I respond on my page or his, and how do I find his? Many thanks! -Peggy

Hi Peggy! You actually seem to have a good handle on the user talk/discussion page. It sounds like you may have been reading about user pages (which are typically an "about me" page) such as yours here: User:Rhymesandchymes or Eric's/Schissel's here: User:Schissel, as opposed to user talk/discussion pages such as yours on the page we're at now or Eric's/Schissel's here User talk:Schissel. While there is no law about where you must respond it is generally a good idea to keep a conversation within the user's talk page where it originated. This way the entire conversation is stored in one place and should you or the other user need to refer back to it in the future it is easier to find in its entirety. Users will typically include their signature and a time stamp at the end of their conversation. In the user talk toolbar you should see an icon for a pen with a cursive f in front of it. Click this at the end of your conversation and it will include your signature and a time stamp. This will also help get you to a user's talk page. In the "Quick Note" left by Eric (Schissel) you can click on his signature at the end of the conversation and be taken to his user page. At the top of that page just click on the Discussion link to take you to his talk page. You can also search the wiki for the user's name and get to their talk page that way. Hope this helped! --Cypressdome 17:06, 24 March 2012 (EDT)

Hi cypressdome, thanks very much. Very helpful info! But when I click on the pen icon I get a squiggle: --Rhymesandchymes 17:28, 24 March 2012 (EDT). I'll see if that magically changes into my signature and a time stamp when I save the page--nothing happened with a preview.

Oh goodie, it did. Thanks again. --Rhymesandchymes 17:29, 24 March 2012 (EDT)