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Heya there!

To begin with, welcome to IMSLP and thank you for your contributions :) I just want to ask you to be careful when submitting scores including Opus/Catalogue numbers, and make sure that you don't leave a space between the "Op." and the number itself (for example, don't do "Op. 7" but rather do "Op.7" - unless the catalogue number does not have a dot between the prefix and the number, as is the case with Bach and Vivaldi -> BWV 65 and RV 450 respectively, for example).

If you have any questions, click here and leave me a note]. If you want to reply to this note, just edit this section and reply in a new paragraph, but make sure to put a colon (" : " - but without the quotes) before each paragraph, so your answer is indented. Also, sign your reply by putting four tildes after your reply/note, like this: ~~~~, and you will get something like the timestamp and signature on the next line.

Take care! ~ jujimufu 10:43, 12 July 2007 (EDT)

About my compositions

Hello everyone, I'm Rick van Veldhuizen, I've been on this site for anytime now, and placed any of my compositions. Now, a little request; everyone who wants to use my compositions, please e-mail me at tha_rick-me [AT] live [DOT] nl, so I'll know you use them.

If you want to use my composition in an own or arrange it, please request it first. My works are protected with a CC BY-ND license, so you have to request rights for treat and make changes in it.

Further I would like to get some reactions on compositions on this, or another talk page.


Rick van Veldhuizen, Composer


Hello, Rick, my name is Sean {Composer name "Sean M. Salamon" on IMSLP). I am 16 years old and live in the US, and I am interested in seeing what other composers my age are writing.

You requested some feedback on your compositions. Well, if you are 14 years old like you describe yourself on your composer page, then your pieces are indeed pretty impressive. I liked your three preludes the best (though could not review any of the orchestral pieces because I don't like reading from full scores-- they are very complicated). For your music, I could only get a sense of the pieces by reading them, because IMSLP does not include a way to include midi files with the scores. But surely you have midi or audio files of your compositions? If you want, you can send me midi or audio files of your music to my email address at seanmd80 [AT] att [DOT] net and I will reply back to you about them.

Also, just like you have been looking for people to review your music, I have been looking for people to review mine. Would you be willing to take a look at my music as well? --Sean Salamon 20:41, 23 December 2008 (EST)

Orphaned PDF files

Hi Rick,

if you look at the link for "my contributions" you'll notice there were five of your files uploaded some while ago, that are not linked from any of your works pages, and so are "orphaned":

05:43, 14 September 2007 Mezzanotte.pdf
05:37, 14 September 2007 Rêverie.pdf
05:32, 14 September 2007 La Tempesta fa Saltare.pdf
05:18, 14 September 2007 La Cappella.pdf
05:13, 14 September 2007 Inizia a Piovere.pdf

Should these be included on a particular page or deleted?

Regards, Philip Legge @ © talk 06:44, 13 January 2009 (EST)