W. Paxton & Co.

Star folio cover 1920s
Star folio (Tolhurst) cover 1920s
Color cover 1930s



This firm operated in London, publishing mainly songs and piano music from the 1870s. During the heyday of the piano, from 1890 to 1940 output was very vigorous, with many reprints of favorites such as Engelmann's Melodie d'amour and Czibulka's Stepanie Gavotte.

Publications of the 1920s included piano works by Harry Farjeon, Joseph Holbrooke, John Foulds, Frederick Cutchee, Edwin Cundell, and Cyril Jenkins, violin works by Louis Godowsky, Henry Tolhurst, Wilhelm Sachse, Alec Rowley and Leslie Woodgate, short pieces for piano trio by Reissiger, Raff, Bennett and others, and organ pieces by Hugh Blair, H. T. Smart and Edwin Lamare. A few longer works appeared, such as Foulds' World Requiem and Farjeon's String Quartet No.4, both in 1923. One successful marketing idea was to issue cheap collections named Star Folios (songs, piano (at least 7) and piano and violin), or Climax Music Albums .

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  • W. Paxton & Co.


  • 95, New Oxford Street, London
  • 36-38 Dean Street, London

Plate Numbers

W. Paxton's plate numbers are in the format of P ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
01075 Richards Ombra Leggera
50991 Agnew Trains 1935
57356 Farjeon Elégie héroique 1924

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