Wilhelm Jowien

1856 cover



This company was founded by Wilhelm Jowien in Hamburg in 1849, and operated until 1884. It specialized in dance music and songs, both solo and male chorus. Its output was prodigious—nearly 600 works in 35 years. Most of the composers in its catalog are obscure today, the best known to us being Diederich Krug and Carl Reinecke.


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  • Wilh. Jowien
  • Wilhelm Jowien
  • Guillaume Jowien


  • Hamburg

Plate Numbers

Jowien's plate numbers are in the format of ###. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
338 Simonsen Scandinavie, Op.9 1856
918 Harmston Ich grüsse dich, Op.167 1870

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