Winthrop Rogers

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Rowley cover 1919



This London firm operated from 1898 until 1958 at which time it was purchased by Boosey & Hawkes. It published mainly songs and choral music by contemporary composers such as Bridge, Delius, Finzi, Quilter, Ireland, Gurney, Warlock, Rowley, and Gibbs.


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  • 48 Berners St. London W1

Plate Numbers

Typically begin with W. or W.R.

Plate Composer Work Year
2815 Bridge Adoration, H.57 1918
2966 Homer Bandanna Ballads, Op.22 (no.4) 1910
4002 Delius To Daffodils 1919
4044 Gibbs 2 Songs, Op.12 (no.1, voice & pf) 1921

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