5 Movements, Op.5 (Webern, Anton)

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Sheet Music


Original Version - String Quartet (1909)

 Complete score*
#00370 - 0.53MB, 11 pp. -  4.9/10 2 4 6 8 10 (13- V/V/16 - 18515x

PDF scanned by nlib.org.ua
Feldmahler (2006/2/23)

 Complete score*
#316716 - 0.73MB, 11 pp. -  7.5/10 2 4 6 8 10 (4- V/V/16 - 3547x

PDF scanned by Sallen112
Sallen112 (2014/2/22)

Webern - Five movements for String Quartet Op5.pdf
Publisher Info.:

Vienna: Universal Edition, 1922. Plate U.E. 5888.5889.


Public Domain - Non-PD EU [tag/del]

Misc. Notes:

*Due to the nature of the piece, the score acts also as a part for each instrument. There are no separate instrumental parts.


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String Orchestra (1928, 1929)

 Complete Score (CA)
#326980 - 2.12MB, 21 pp. -  6.5/10 2 4 6 8 10 (4- V/57/16

PDF scanned by Unknown
Sallen112 (2014/5/30)

Publisher Info.:

Kiev: Muzyka, n.d.(after 1960).


Public Domain - Non-PD US, Non-PD EU [tag/del]


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General Information

Work Title Five Movements
Alternative Title Fünf Sätze
Composer Webern, Anton
Opus/Catalogue Number Op.5
Movements/Sections 5 movements
  1. Heftig Bewegt
  2. Sehr Langsam
  3. Sehr Lebhaft
  4. Sehr Langsam
  5. In Zarter Bewegung
Year/Date of Composition 1909 (Str 4tet)
1928, 1929 (Str Orch)
First Publication 1922 (Str 4tet)
1961 (Str Orch)
Piece Style Early 20th century
Instrumentation String Quartet (2 violins, viola, cello)
String Orchestra (violin I, violin II, viola, cello, bass)

Misc. Comments

This is one hell of a confusing piece (probably due to my lack of knowledge of it). From the "official" Webern site (www.antonwebern.com), Op.5 is listed as "Five movements for string quartet", but a Google search reveals that sometimes it is called "Five movements for string orchestra". Since the file I have here indicates Op.5 and the orchestration indicates a string section, I'm going to go with the second title, and put this page in the "piece for string section" category. Anyone who is better versed in Webern than I please correct this decision if it is a mistake. Thanks.

-- Feldmahler

And about 10 minutes after I posted that I get another version of Op.5 in the string quartet configuration -_-. I'm going to say that Webern himself orchestrated Op.5 (since I don't see another name) after initially writing it as a string quartet piece, since the two are clearly the same piece just orchestrated differently. Anyone who has more info about this please share it with us :)

-- Feldmahler again

Webern wrote "Five Movements for String Quartet" (or "Five Pieces") (op. 5) in 1909. He then revisited the work in 1928, arranging it for string orchestra. He then became dissatisfied with this arrangement and wrote another version in 1929, which was first performed in Philadelphia in 1930.


For the benefit of anyone wishing to play this. When you buy a set of parts, you get a set of 4 scores to play from, i.e. there don't appear to be any published parts.


That's interesting- no published parts, that is. Makes it harder to play :( Someone should fix that. Anyhow, fwiw, Boulez's set for Sony (the complete published works) has both versions; in the CD remastering, the string orchestra version shows up as a sort of appendix on the 3rd CD. - Schissel
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