A. Meissonnier

cover 1830



This firm was founded by Jean Antoine Meissonnier (1783-1857) in 1812. Absorbed the publisher Savaresse by 1835. In 1839, Jacques Léopold Heugel (1815-1883) became a partner. In the same year they bought the weekly music journal Le Menestrel, which had been started six years earlier by Jules Lovy. The name of the firm was changed to Heugel following Meissonier's retirement on April 20th, 1842.

His younger brother Joseph Meissonnier (1790–1855) also founded a publishing firm J. Meissonnier, in 1821.


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  • A. Meissonnier


  • Paris 2 bis Rue Vivienne

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Plate Numbers

A. Meissonnier's plate numbers are in the format of ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
1 Meissonnier Etudes Progressives
44 Sor Les folies d'Espagne, Op.15
110 Sor Guitar Sonata in C major, Op.15b
145 Meissonnier Méthode de guitare ou lyre
175 Sor 6 Divertissements, Op.13
188 Sor Grand solo, Op.14
219 Sor Thême varié, Op.15c
234 Sor Fantasie No.5, Op.16
258 Sor 6 Waltzes, Op.17
261 Sor 6 Waltzes, Op.18
265 Sor 6 Airs choisis de l'opera 'Il Flauto Magico', Op.19
266 Sor Introduction et thême varié, Op.20
340 Fossa 5 Contre danses de Rossini et 2 Valses favorites
460 Sor Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Mozart, Op.9
468 Sor 8 Petites Pièces, Op.24
505 Sor 3 Pièces de société, Op.33
518 Giuliani Recueil de pièces faciles et agréables, Op.59

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