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The music instruments and scores company Salão Neuparth was founded by Eduardo (Erdmann) Neuparth (1784-1871), a German settled in Lisbon. He was the father of Augusto Neuparth (1830-1887), who was succeded by his younger son Júlio Cândido Neuparth (1863-1919). The latter introduced Ricardo Felgueiras to the firm, thus turning it into Neuparth & Ca. This was followed by Neuparth & Carneiro. After the World War I the firm was acquired by Valentim de Carvalho, Lda.

Most of the scores were engraved by Oscar Brandstetter (Leipzig).


  • Amphion, publicação quinzenal de musica para piano (1880s, issued no less than 4 years)

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Augusto Neuparth
  • A. Neuparth, Editor-Fornecedor do Conservatorio
  • Neuparth & Carneiro, Editores-Fornecedores do Conservatorio


  • Rua Nova do Almado, 97-99

Plate Numbers

Dates in italics are estimated.


Plate Composer Work Year
63-66 Keil 12 Mélodies, Op.9 (4 books)

A.N. ###

Plate Composer Work Year
98 Keil Souvenir de Vienne 1882
136-139 Keil Impressions poetiques, Op.12 (4 books)
154 Emilio Lami Au soir 1884
278 Freitas Gazul Grâce (Feuillets d'album, No. 1) 1886
279 Emilio Lami Gentillesse (Feuillets d'album, No. 2) 1886
280 Keil Beauté (Feuillets d'album, No. 3) 1886
281 Júlio Neuparth Charme (Feuillets d'album, No. 4) 1886
282 Francisco Bahia (Baía) Bonté (Feuillets d'album, No. 5) 1886
283 Guilherme Ribeiro Jeunesse (Feuillets d'album, No. 6) 1886

N. & Ca. ###

Plate Composer Work Year
379 Vianna da Motta Rhapsodia portugueza No.4 1895 after
396 Francisco Bahia (Baía) A Briza 1889-91
497 Francisco Bahia (Baía) Mais um fado 1911
498 Milano Liró 1908
499 Júlio Neuparth Sonatina-fantasia, Op.49 1900s
551 Júlio Neuparth 3 Petites pièces 1910s

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