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In the 1780s, after an apprenticeship with Breitkopf in Leipzig, Johann August Böhme (1766-1847) founded a music store (“Sortiments-Musikalienhandlung’’) in his home town of Hamburg. His first successes as publisher were the vocal scores of „Così fan tutte” (ed. Eberhard Müller) and other Mozart operas. He is also well known for publishing 14 different settings of Schiller’s Ode „An die Freude.“

In the Biedermeier period (1815-1848) Böhme published many operas by Louis Spohr, Andreas Romberg, and also works by local composers such as Hermann Berens. The catalog grew apace throughout the century (1,000 entries in Hofmeister's Monatsberichte in the period 1830-1900), covering a wide range of genres, from dance music, piano music and songs to arrangements and editions of the classics, and string works by Sebastian Lee and Goby Eberhardt. However, as important as publishing was, Böhme’s lending library was an equally important business, growing to 300,000 items by 1887.

In 1839 Böhme’s son took over the business, and managed it for nearly 50 years, finally selling it to August Cranz in 1887, who continued to use the imprint.

Incidentally, a Johann August Böhme retail book and music store still operates at Johnsallee 23, 20148 Hamburg.

J.A. Böhme of Hamburg should not be confused with Anton Böhm of Augsburg, which operated at the same time.

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  • Joh. Aug. Böhme
  • Jean Aug. Böhme
  • Jean Auguste Böhme


Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
0411 Schindelmeisser Sonate héroïque, Op.8 1848
0475 Schindelmeisser Piano Sonata No.2, Op.23 1850
1263 Meinardus Piano Trio, Op.40 (sc&pts) 1877
2405 Schmitt Sonatina, Op.29
2448 Kuhlau 3 Flute Trios, Op.86 (No.1 parts)
2451 Kuhlau 3 Flute Trios, Op.86 (No.3 parts)
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Authority Control

  • VIAF (Böhme, Johann August 1766-1847)

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