Anton Böhm

Anton Bohme (1807-1886)
Secular work celebrating the local prince Karl Ludwig Fugger von Babenhausen (1829-1906) of the Fugger banking and political family (ca.1880)
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Anton Böhm is a family music store and publishing business based in Augsburg, Swabia (Western Bavaria). It specializes in publishing Catholic church music.

On 22nd November 1803, St Cecilia's Day, Andreas Böhm (1765-1834) founded a musical goods store in Augsburg. His son Anton Böhm (1807-1886) gave the firm its present name in 1831. It operated a printing shop from then until 1918. On Anton's son Moritz Böhm (1846-1896) entering the firm in 1871 the name became Anton Böhm & Sohn. A Vienna branch was opened in 1893, but was closed in 1946. Moritz's son Theodor Böhm (1879-1946) managed the firm from 1906, and his niece Johanna Specht (1914-1999), and her husband the lawyer Dr. Friedrich Ballinger (1906-1986) took over in 1935. After destruction by bombing in 1944 the firm was rebuilt. In 1977 Thomas Amtmann (1955-), son of Dr. Friedrich Ballinger's sister entered the firm.

Anton Böhm of Augsburg should not be confused with J.A. Böhme of Hamburg, which operated at the same time.

Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Anton Böhm (1831-1871)
  • Anton Böhm & Sohn (1871-?)
  • Anton Böhm & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG (present)


  • Augsburg

Plate Numbers

Böhm's plate numbers are in the format of ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
0901 Bauer Lateinische Festmesse, Op.37 (pts) 1844
1538 Bauer Kz. & Lcht. Harmonie-Messe (pts., version with wind acc.) 1848
3249 Riegel 10 Praeludien, Op.1 1857
3250 Riegel Phantasie und Fuge, Op.2 1857
3870 Kistler Heimweh, Op.8 1868
4351 Oberhoffer 15 Orgelstücke nebst einem Orgeltrio, Op.56 1885
4374 Bibl Mass, Op.55 (vocal score/parts) 1886
4604 Bibl Mass, Op.67 (vocal score/parts) 1895
4973 Herzog 45 kleinere und grössere Orgelstücke, Op.84 1903
5562 Latzelsberger 5 Weihnachts-Präludien, Op.217 1911
5683 Schnabel Transeamus usque Bethlehem 1913
5795 Fährmann 4 Stimmungsbilder, Op.58 (No.3) 1913
5858 Kromolicki Zweite Festmesse, Op.2 1914
5868 Stöhr Organ Sonata, Op.33 1914
5950 Huber Requiem, Op.21 (for voices, organ) 1916
6187 Hug, Emil Herz-Jesu-Messe, Op.63 1922
6635 Lechthaler 6 Orgel-Präludien für die Weihnachtszeit, Op.17 1926
6942 Bruckner 2 Orgelstücke 1928
7500 Karg, Autbert In Gott sei's begonnen! (4-6 part chorus) 1930
7555 Nussbaumer Mass No.4, Op.38 (vocal score and parts)
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