The publishing house was founded in 1781 by Heinrich Philipp Bossler (1744-1812) in Speyer, Germany. In 1779 he invented a machine that would simplify music printing, which inspired him to create the company. The first publication using this method was Flute Quintet in B-flat major by Johann Baptist Vanhal. In 1785 another branch was added to the company, Krämer & Bossler, located in Darmstadt. The two branches consolidated in 1792 in Darmstadt. The company closed in 1828, then being managed by Bossler's son. He is most well known for his publication of south German composers and the famous periodical, the Musikalische Realzeitung (1788–90).


  • Boßler
  • Bossler conseiller
  • Rath Bosslers Verlag
  • Krämer & Bossler


  • Speyer
  • Darmstadt

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
021 Beethoven 3 Piano Sonatas, WoO 47 1783
222 Wranitzky Symphony in C major, Op.17 (parts) 1792
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