Breitkopf & Härtels Orchester-Bibliothek

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This is an individual page to list the publication(s) under the name of Breitkopf u. Härtels Orchester-Bibliothek (or Partitur-Bibliothek).
NOTE: basically speaking, OB numbers are for orchestral parts, while PB are for scores/study scores only.

In most circumstances given number for a program under these two series will be IDENTICAL. That is, with Beethoven's Fourth Symphony assigned OB 4332 in the Orchester-Bibliothek, it will be PB 4332 in the Partitur-Bibliothek, accordingly. With this case, PB 4332 will be omitted in this page. For exceptions like Frühlingsstimmen-Walzer by Joh. Strauss, OB (2757) and PB (3287) numbers will be arranged seperately.

Orch.B. part numbers and Part.B. score numbers often—in fact, usually—do not match for a given publication.




  • Wiesbaden (Leipzig/Paris): Breitkopf & Härtel



Orchester-Bibliothek (ca.1890-present)

Partitur-Bibliothek (ca.1890-present)

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