Calliope, or English Harmony (Roberts, Henry)

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Engraver Henry Roberts
Publisher. Info. London: engraved and sold by Henry Roberts, 1739.
London: printed for & sold by John Simpson, n.d.(1739).
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Publisher. Info. London: Henry Roberts, n.d.[1746].
Misc. Notes These are both Volume 2. Only #617669 states volume number on title-page, and also has a list of "Music printed for J. Simpson" [also engraved by Henry Roberts]
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General Information

Work Title Calliope, or English Harmony
Alternative. Title
Composer Roberts, Henry
Title-page Details Title-page transcription
Calliope or English Harmony, A Collection of the most Celebrated English and Scots Songs Neatly Engrav'd and Embelish'd with designs adapted to the Subject of each Song, taken from the Compositions of the Best Masters, in the most Correct Manner, with the thorough Bass and Transpositions for the Flute [recorder] (proper for all Teachers, Scholars and Lovers of Musick), Printed on a fine Paper, on each side which renders the Undertaking more compleat than any other thing of the kind ever Publish'd.
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
First Publication. 1739
Language English
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation voice, continuo; voice, recorder/flute, continuo; 2 voices, continuo
Extra Information See also the follow-up collection Clio and Euterpe

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Named composers (some of these may in fact be the lyricist rather than the composer): Mr Lampe, Mr Monro, Mr Corelli, Dr Green[e], Mr Thomas Phillips, Mr Sandford, Mr Lulman, Mr Carey, Mr Handel, Mr Digard, Mr Stanley, Mr Anthony Young, Mr Arne, Mr Leveridge, Mr Wood, Mr Barker of Coventry, Mr Hayward, Mr Brereton, Mr Flac[k]ton, Mr Popely, Mr Boyce, Mr Gouge, Mr Ravenscroft, Mr Kempton, Mr William Fisher of Hereford, Mr Gunn, Mr Gladwin, Mr Froud, Mr Hawkins, Mr Holcombe, Mr Barnard, Sigr. Anglosini, Mr Say, Mr Vanbrugh, Mr Cannington, Mr Galliard, Mr S. Howard, Geminiani, Sigr. Putti, Mr Jonathan Martin (late organist to his Majesty), Mr Alcock, Mr Henry Purcell, Mr R. Vincent, Mr Betts, Mr Wise, Mr Webber, Mr Hayden, Mr Eccles, Mr Weldon, Mr Brown, Mr Marchand, Mr John Hudson, Mr Stubley, Mr Seedo, Mr Lestrange, Mr Harris, Mr Clarke, Mr Preluer [Prelleur], Mr Fisher Tench, Mr Duncalfe, Mr Markwell, Mr Alland, Mr James, Mr Greeves, Mr Henry Burges junior, Mr Festing, Mr Cox, Mr Worgan, Mr Russell, Mr William Hodson, Miss Worgan, Mr Travers, Sigr. Hasse, Mr Oswald, Mr Wideman, Mr William Hayes of Oxford, Mr Corfe, Mr Larken, Sigr. Tortoriti, Mr Crome, Dr Heighington, Mr Crookenden.


Volume I

At Polwart on the Green (The Kind Lass of Polwart)
As Musing I rang'd
Ah! stay ye wanton Gales
As from a Rock
A Swain of Love
As Northern Winds
Allexis how artless a Lover
A Lass that was loaden with care
As Celia near a fountain lay
As after noon one summer's day
As Chloe o'er the meadow past
Away away we've crown'd the day
A starving life
Blow on ye winds
Bacchus assist us
Busy curious thirsty fly
Believe my sighs
By men belov'd
Blest with my Silvia
Bird of May
By a murmuring stream
Bacchus one day gayly striding
By smooth winding Tay
Beneath a shady willow
Beauty & Wit Illustrious Maid
Britons where is your great magnanimity
Cruel creature can you leave me
Charmer permit me to make a surrender
Clarissa shines along the plains
Chaste Lucretia
Cupid, god of gay desires
Cupid & Venus one day
Come all ye youths
Cloe when I view
Come take your glass
Could'st thou give me a pleasure
Charming Cloe look with pity
Come fair nymphs
Celia has a thousand charms
Crouds of Coxcombs
Chloris in native purple bright
Cease the Rovers
Clorinda hear my Moan
Dumbarton's Drums
Domestic bird
Divinest fair
Dear Collin prevent my warm blushes
Dear Cloe while thus beyond measure
Dear Cloe attend to th'advice of a friend
Damon ask'd me but once
Dear Charming Beauty
Frown not my dear (The Apology)
From place to place
Farewell ye hills & valleys
Fond Echo
Foolish women fly men's charms
False tho' she be to me
For haughty Phillis
From White's & Will's
Fair & soft and gay and young
Flocks are sporting dove
Fond Celadon
From grave lessons and restraint
Fair Sally
Glide swiftly on thou silver stream
Genteel in personage
Gentle god of pleasing pains
Guardian Angels now protect me
Glide gently on thou murmuring brook
Gentle breezes silent shades
Hear me ye nymphs (Bush aboon Traquair)
Help me each harmonious grove (Colin's Request)
How happy are we
How is it possible
Happy's the love that meets return
How can I well describe the joy
How wretched is a maiden's fate
How dully wise
Happy's the youthful swain
Happy hours
Hail Burgundy
How happy a state does a miller possess
He's a man ev'ry inch I assure you
How can you lovely Nancy
If all that I love is her face
In April when primroses
If the glasses they empty
I love I doat
Know I shan't envy him
Know Madam I never was born
Long have I strove his heart to gain (The Complaining Lover)
Love's Goddess in a myrtle grove
Leave me shepherd
Long have I lov'd
Long from the force of beauty's charms
Little Siren of the stage
Love's a gentle gen'rous passion
Linco found Damon
Life is chequer'd
Lucretia the Empire of Rome
Little Flea why so blood thirsty
My goddess Celia
Moggy and Jenny both do undo me
My Patie is a lover gay
My jolly companion
My Dady's a delver of dykes
No more shall buds
Near some smooth stream
Oh my tender panting heart
On dear Zelinda's charms I gaze
Oh say what is that thing call'd Light
Oh Celia recall thy lost hours
Once fair Serena
Of all the torments, all the cares
Oh my pretty Punchinello
O greedy Midas
Old Chiron thus preach'd
Oft on the troubled Ocean's face
Pensive alone the desart plains
Return return my lovely nymph
Stella darling of the Muses
Since drinking has power
Sigh no more my lovely Celia
Sad Musidora
Save Women and Wine
See Phillis yonder bower
Sooner than I'll my love forego
Silvia the fair
Sweet Annie
The nymph that undoes me
The Lass of Broomhall Green
The charms of Florimel
The wounded deer
Thou rising sun
The Lass of Patie's Mill
Too long thou tyrant love
'Tis masonry unites mankind
Thou little blind deceiver
'Twas on a river's verdant side
There's auld Rob Morris
Twa bonny lads were Sawney & Jockey
The smiling morn
The collier has a daughter
Tell me tell me charming creature
There liv'd long ago in a country place
Too plain dear youth
To thee O! gentle sleep
Too lovely fair one
'Twas when the seas were roaring
To the God of Wine
The jolly breeze
The wakeful nightingale
'Tis thee I love
Vain Belinda
When Fanny blooming fair
What beauties does Flora disclose (Charming Moggy)
When love & youth
Who to win a woman's favour
Why do you fix your eyes on mine
Will you credit a miser
When I survey Clarinda's charms
With arts oft practic'd
What can assuage
When Chloe fair
Why cruel creature
Wanton Cupid cease to hover
When Charming Chloe
Why does my looks
Why will Florella
Whilst Celia's eyes my heart subdues
Wherever I am
When Delia on the plain appears
While Strephon on fair Cloe hung
What care I for affairs of State
With Early Horn
When e'er my Cloe I begin
Whilst endless tears
With broken words & down cast eyes
Waft me some soft and cooling breeze
When bright Aurelia
When trees did bud
When for a silly glitt'ring toy
What tho' they call me country lass
What dire misfortune hath befell
Ye gales that gently wave the sea
Ye Muses hail the Royal Dame
Ye nymphs and ye swains
Ye gentle gales that fan the air
Young Thirsis
Ye purple blooming roses
Volume II