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Celeste Cendrier operated this Parisian firm from 1839 to 1859, when it was bought by E. Saint-Hilaire. Auguste O'Kelly (1829-1900) took it over in 1872. The catalog contained popular songs by Paul Henrion, Antoine-Louis Clapisson,(1808-1866) and others, and operas by Felicien David and Victor Masse. BNF cat lists over 500 works.


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  • Celeste Cendrier
  • Mme. Cendrier


  • 1 then 7 then 11 rue du faubourg Poissonnière, Paris

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Plate Numbers

  • Plate numbers are in the following formats: C. ###.
Plate Composer Work Year
1 David Herculanum 1859
3 Henrion Tu viendrais prier
615 Massé Les noces de Jeannette 1853
773 Massé La reine Topaze 1857

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