Typical cover (ca.1860)
Typical cover (ca.1850)



This British music publishing and importing company was established in London by John Jeremiah Ewer in 1823. Julius Johanning (1795-1859) was Ewer’s partner from about 1824 until 1829, and the firm was run under the name of Ewer & Johanning. Johanning left the partnership in 1829, going on to set up his own business, Johanning & Co. Thereafter Ewer continued as J.J. Ewer & Co. until 1867 when the company was purchased by Novello.
The catalog included reprints of continental composers such as Molique, Durrner and Mendelssohn, from C.F. Leede of Leipzig, and also local composers such as O'Leary.

Important acqusitions

  • 1839: Gustavus Andre




  • 1 Bow Church Yard, Cheapside, ca. 1823-1825
  • ...with additional premises at 263 Regent Street, end ca. 1824-1825.
  • Ewer and Johanning, 1 Bow Church Yard, Cheapside, ca. 1825-1829
  • Ewer and Johanning, 263 Regent Street, ca. 1825-1826
  • Ewer and Johanning, 20 Tichbourne Street, Piccadilly, ca. 1826-1829
  • J.J. Ewer and Co., 1 Bow Church Yard, ca. 1829-1841
  • J.J. Ewer and Co., 69 Newgate Street, ca. 1841-1843
  • J.J. Ewer and Co., 72 Newgate Street, ca. 1843-1852
  • J.J. Ewer and Co., 390 Oxford Street, ca. 1852-1859
  • J.J. Ewer and Co., 87 Regent Street, ca. 1859-1867

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
46 Matthison-Hansen Psalm 121 1864
Plate #Full PlateComposerWorkIMSLP #Full YearYear

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Authority control

  • VIAF (Novello, Ewer & Co.)