H. F. Müller

Typical Muller cover (1850s)
Schott cover 1853 naming Muller as the Vienna agent



Heinrich Friedrich Müller (1779-1848) was a Viennese innovator in printing technology and publisher who produced the first German picture-book. In addition to his artistic interests he was a very inventive and enterprising person, and invented, manufactured and marketed a children's card game which was known throughout Europe between 1840 and 1940, known as Glocke und Hammer or Schimmel (Engl: Bell and Hammer or White Horse).
At the end of his life his company started publishing musical scores. In fact their first major success was to secure the rights to Martha by Friedrich von Flotow, which they published in no less than 70 editions and arrangements between 1848 and 1850. Müller (and later H.F. Müller's Witwe, that is, Müller's Widow, of course) also published works by Johann Strauss jr., Hauser, Caroline Sawath, Mertz, Volkmann, and others, as well as more popular dances and songs.

Müller was also Schott's Vienna agent. His widow sold the music publishing business to Wessely & Büsing in 1858.


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